Gem Powered Gold Fists (Thanos Gauntlet?)

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If there ever was anything I wished was in the game then this. I like using gold fists on t6 hunts. I dont really like using slingbows, they just feel meh to me. However, it feels too bad that we cannot circumvent protection of monsters on gem planets. So instead of creating gem fists and deciding who gets the ability to craft them how about introducing the ability FOR EVERYONE to craft a gem powered gold fist IF they have a gold fist in their inventory. That way you still need to craft gold fists. Either that or buy them from someone. The fists would then be blessed with the same power their slingbow counterparts have. And have their stats changed accordingly maybe?

I mean how cool would it be if you could walk around with a Thanos’ gauntlet on your hand :smiley: Seriously, devs should consider getting the rights to do it, you have everything you need prepared already.

If thats too complicated legal wise then just give us the ability to power the gold fists with refined gems, we’ll pretend it’s not cool while walking around like a freaking boss :fist:t2:


I also would like to see some kind of improvement on the fist line of weapons. As someone who is typically a Melee only player. The fists are the closest thing to Melee we have due to their shorter range at this time. And despite the fact they do fire out a short ranged projectile they are still satisfying to use as someone who is a melee player because they are „Fists“ and really do look the part for something that would/could be a Melee weapon.

I am personally slightly disgusted by the slingbows (And most ranged weapons for that matter) and how they work and feel and refuse to DPS in high level hunts because of that and the 40% resist that elemental mobs have against non-elemental damage is quite annoying and there is no option to get around that for fist users.

I also really like the fact they can be used to damage blocks, Which is more fitting for a weapon that might be closer to a Melee classification, then a ranged classification.

So any kind of improvement that can be made for finishing the fist line off into making it a fully finished weapon line, like the swingbow is, would be very appreciated by me.


To add to your idea (in the event that adding a new fist weapon is not in the cards). What if we could add elemental augments to fist weapons. That way they could provide an alternate to slingbows, but at a slight convenience cost (since augments only last 125 shots). This might actually more closely relate to your “thanos gauntlet” since you are actually adding stones into it at that point.


Depending how costly they are. This might fall under the same problem I have with other augments, the worst offender being the T3 bomb augments,

Also I feel this subtracts slightly from the feeling of “Melee” as melee weapons typically don’t take ammo, and the suggestion would force you to use a type of „ammo“ if you want the fists to be competitive, as the augment would only last 125 uses. Reloading in mid-fight would become something that happens… It would be similar to a 125 round magazine in a firearm.

While I am not 100% against the idea. I don’t really prefer this way either.

I feel the effect should be permanent for the life span of the weapon.

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That’s fair, I don’t see it as ammo but rather a “buff” but I understand where you are coming from. Alternatively we could add a new gum to the centerforge and it be elemental buffs… but I feel that is a far worse option if a new fistweapon can’t be added.

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Why not just a new weapon in general.


It would be nice to have more weapons, no questions asked, but adding a new weapon would take the devs longer to do then fixing up the fist line of weapons (I think). Which in my book should not be left „unfinished“ as is.


I realized only after posting that fists are the only weapons without augments. I think they SHOULD get the augments as well, I just dont think that those should be elemental because then they are not equivalent to gem bows which can get both gem perks AND augments :slight_smile: I really feel like the gem powered fists should be crafted as base weapons and then upgraded with augments.

I don’t mind them having augments, just not augments that would be seen as an requirement.

If they have augments then it should be just like how it works for the slingbows, its a nice cherry on top, but often by no means an requirement. And I Do Not Want To See Any Nerfs Happening To The Base Item If Augments Are Added For Fists.

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Yep, I think everyone would prefer new items, which is why I added the caveat of:

I agree, and the only reason I say elemental ones is it would satisfy our desire for fist weapons being decent on elemental planets quicker than waiting for new weapons (which is obviously the preferred thing).

I think that is more than fair. Just since the Gold Fists are a “you paid more than minium price to buy the game” perk (to craft them), is the only reason I would like them to be able to have augments that are a “little” more powerful in that they let you switch elemental augmentation.

Here is the problem and I’m sure someone had mentioned it but I’m going to say it again. A lot of player received the gold fist special weapon for their dedication to the game if they released gem versions then there is a chance those players would feel undermined. So instead of creating the gem fists the tier ends with gold and thus we move on to greener pastures.

Well, like OP suggested, if you make the recipe require the gold fist, then all of the gold fist people will feel important still.

Thanos wishes he had a gauntlet like the Boundless Fist!

Last week we were talking about the tools + weapons that don’t support augments. Maybe a Fist that supports 6 gem augments might be fun! Maybe a pure Gem Fist. I like the idea that as the material increases, the range decreases but the power increases. The whole point of the fist was to be different to the slingbows.

The design of the Iron and Gold Fists was to make them useful and cool initially, but not overpowered - so you never moved on to something else. If a player enjoys using Fists over Slingbows I think there should be a complete progression. You shouldn’t be forced into switching to Slingbows at the hardest level.

Definitely something to explore.


That’s what I was forced to do.

Were late on the discussion again :wink:

All very cool that the idea of augments for the other tools/weapons are still being discussed. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Honestly it doesn’t really matter to me I’m holding off for more weapon options if they released gem versions of the fist great something else to use during a meteor fight.

As someone who haves „received“ the Ability to make the gold fist. I would very much prefer it if we got something else in its place if it means allowing the fist line to be finished. Greed ((Or the want to have something that someone else doesn’t have)) should not hold back the game from being developed to its best.

Yes I really hope you all do, would make me happy.

Haven’t been active recently, is there any talk of upgrading the combat system, i.e. giving fists some love? (that sounds naughty lol)

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Only in the suggestion category :pensive:
Some shield art was teased about half a year ago but nothing came of it.


Nothing yet…