Gleam Club Plus

Considering the state of the game and slow addition of new content. I wouldn’t be opposed to a higher priced gleam club. Sometimes I wonder if the pricing structure/shop in boundless is too fair.

Include all the base gleam club benefits
add 5% plot addition to purchases
add small bonuses to xp/drop gain
add 5% cubit gain per purchase.

No matter what, despite the lack of content for PvE variety and nothing new to mining besides the elusive lucent gems. I just seem to always come back! Why? Minecraft does not have classes, it doesn’t have skills, guild buffs, and this community!

While many may not agree with this…or others would get up n arms over this. It seems that boundless might need extra help to keep going. If this wasn’t the case, they why would the studio be focusing on an outside project?

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