Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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I may sound mad but how do you regen after you have gathered the Gleam? It naturally regenerates so how does a player regenerate the gleam afterwards.I really have know clue?


There are regenerative bombs that you throw in the general area and it instantly regenerates the natural terrain.


Omg,I didnt know this.I thought those bombs were for mining.Lucky you told me as I never knew this.Thanks for replying.


Anytime. I help when I can.


Thank you so much for what you’ve set up! I visit daily, and I love everything about the place!


As of tonight we have opened portals to all 21 gleam colors we know of.
If you find a color we don’t have let us know (and give us a location token if you don’t mind) and we can get a place set up.

The most recent portals set up were: Alcyon, Cardass, and Beservona. Beservona portal offers light yellow gleam and is located in the Serpensarindi hub which is off the US West Gleam Way. Alcyon offers light lilac gleam and Cardass offers silk teal gleam. They are both located off the Shdeu Tier hub which can be accessed via the Alnitans hub which is off of the Serpensarindi hub.

As a side note: outside the a few of the portals are the protecting Biryanis which will give you level 2 protection in the corresponding environmental protection. These can help boost your protection up for gleam farming so you don’t have to spend so many points in protections.

Lastly stay tuned as we are adding to the shop in the Maryx Hub. We plan to offer all things gleam including signs, doors, and lanterns. If we don’t have what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we will do custom orders.


We sell the bombs in the 3 major hubs: Maryx, US West Gleam Way, and EU Gleam Way.


do I see the Bright Magenta from shedu?


Yes, it is Bright Magenta in Shedu Tier


May I offer a suggestion? While the initiative is really helpful, making gleam much easier to find, some of the buildings which surround underwater gleam have small blocks preventing you from going in the water.

Even though this is supposed to help, this actually makes it significantly harder to mine the gleam without hitting the blocks (and thus, wasting time). Is it possible this barrier can be removed?


We understand that the barrier can be somewhat annoying to mine around as well as make some spots difficult to mine without points in control but we found, at least for ourselves, that this far outweighed the annoyance of falling in the water. It also turned out to be a feature that many people liked. however with this said we will start considering ways to allow people into the water as well as keep the barrier for those who wish.


TY. That would definitely help!


@Vansten That’s Mr. GleamProtector’s farm. So you’d have to ask him about the barriers. I’m personally against putting openings underwater as I don’t want to be responsible for people dying. If you’re having trouble hitting gleam I might be able to hook you up with an all adjacent hammer. Points in control are necessary for a farming toon so please consider that. You can always bump your warp outside of our farms as well, that way you can explore freely but be warned, many of the gleam colors are deep under water or in dangerous environments.


or could do what I do… swim under them and mine upwards… no need for a structure… easily 500 gleam using a 3x3 every 15 minutes or so


How about keep the barrier but open a little trapdoor a few blocks away for those willing to dive down? Maybe add a warning next to them also.


I found a really really nice spot for cool blue gleam. Would you like a warp token to it?


Thank you, Code Gleam. You’re doing God’s work for us gleam lovers.


I tried finding their hub, from ultima… it failed.


If you can find maryx, we are the capital. If you’re familiar with portal seekers biitula hub, we have a portal off of there too :slight_smile:


@Darkknight2366 is it the gleam field on Kada l?