Goo Plant

Hey there.
I want to begin a little Goo Farm.
Anyone knows how i can get Seed over 100% ?

I just beginning with 220% Crop and 80% Seed, but so you lose some Kernels ?

You always lose kernels. No way to get 100% seeds back.

The closer you can get is 0% crops and 90% seeds

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Summoning master of Goo farmers @wakeNbake

Also this could help

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Max seed is 90ish on rock little less on gleam. No 100%

You can get 90% seed on gleam with growth on the sides

Yeah i do gleam. Is on rock and growth 95%?

Maybe im think of crop with rock and sponge.

Okay. Thx to all :slight_smile: so i think i do it like it is yet.