Greetings from Guildford

Hi All,

As you may have noticed, there was a random post from someone new on Friday last week. Initially I intended to pop on the forums this week and say hello, explain a bit about who I am and what I would like to achieve here. But I guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag, so to speak!

So where to start, hmmm…

…my name is Aidan and I have been a Community Manager/Developer for seven going on eight years now, my main focus has been MMO’s, of which i have worked on quite a few - I started out at NCSOFT and work on all their western release properties.

I predominantly play games on PC, mostly MMO’s (I own CE’s for every released MMO since 2004), as well as that I enjoy RPG’s in all forms, whether Action based, Turn-based or Story driven, but I do pick up PS4 exclusives. Currently I am playing Boundless, RO and Horizon: Zero Dawn - juggling progression in three games is proving quite a bit of fun.

What do I do here at Turbulenz? Well other than the usual community fare (chatting with you guys here, posting to Facebook, Twitter etc), I work on ways to build our community, get more people in to the game, make sure press/fansites and blogs (+ vlogs etc) have the required information to talk about Boundless. This list is endless, you will see me taking part in many, many things as time goes on.

What are my plans for the coming weeks? I have so many things in various stages of planning, I wouldn’t want to spoil them just yet, but be ready for contests, events, live streams, developer interviews and much much more.

As I am new here, drop by the comments and tell me a little about yourselves, what you’ve been up to In game or just ask questions (can be as random as you like).

Cheers for now :smile:

p.s. sorry for the wall of text!


Never apologise for a wall of text as an intro :slight_smile: I’m guessing you passed by GW2 along the way as well?

Hopefully if the game takes off as we all hope there will be a lot of planning and work to do. Right now in the game I am building (ergh) since I am bored of mining and well, portals just took away a lot of work for me since I can now walk just about anywhere in 2 steps. I LOVE portals but I now am struggling to find things to do, aiming towards another planet (or 11) was a hard gold grind before and gave me a goal in the game, portals just fast forwarded new player to current end game in a blink.

I’m here from the MMO/survival scene, EQ2, GW2, Archeage, ARK, DayZ Mod (before it turned into CoD) then side passion is RPG’s, Fallout series and Borderlands series. I’m not a fan of Minecraft or building so looking forward to everything else the game has to offer in the future - mixing fighting titans (PvP maybe?) & exploring, selling information on locations then relax by playing the trade post with a little farming and animal collecting.

Hopefully you’ll consider an “ask the devs” on a forum thread where people can ask lots of questions and then you can pick and choose to answer some as Q & A in the Dev updates?

Other than that, welcome :slight_smile:


Uuuuuuh, NCSoft ^^ … I played GW about 6 years and GW2 for some months. Hope you had also your time with the first part. Nice to have you in the rows of the Devs. Hope you arrived well and was welcomed warm :slight_smile:

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That i did, worked quite extensively on it while I was there :slight_smile:

Yeh an “Ask the Devs”/MiniAMA, is definitely something I have planned, although the frequency has yet to be set - they are all really busy working on the game, so I need to approach them carefully so as not to startle them (think deer and headlights)!


I loved the first, played it a ton before I started working there, didn’t have as much opportunity to make a mark after I started though, as my main focus then was Aion.


Welcome! So happy to see a community manager for Boundless! <3


Hi there Faelan

Your name sounds like an Irish name or a character from a fantasy novel.

Playing and backing boundless because I adore the art, the feel, the endless possibilities to be creative with it and the team. I am not a gamer and I often buy games just because they are pretty. This one I fell in love with and once I got to see the enthusiasm and work the team puts in it with support of the community, I knew this would be something I could play till old age incapacitates me. (not saying I am not old :wink: )

Once the game is ready for release, I will be searching for a nice friendly guild where I can shape the builds and to perfect crafting. MMO is not important for me although I will go in it as far as I need to, to survive.

See you around :slight_smile:


Nice to e-meet you,

Yeh I was from a long time back (when CM’s preferred some form of anonymity), I spent more than a day trying to come up with a cool moniker to be known by. My real name has Irish roots so I was aiming for something along those lines!

As well as art style i find that I am drawn to the social/collaborative side of things.


If you ever need prizes for contests or something, I always have some steam keys around I don’t use…so give a shout :slight_smile:





Welcome Faelan! Looking forward to seeing the videos and streams you’re planning. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the family mate. :grin:


Hi Faelan, love the name

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Welcome! Very much looking forward to interacting with you. I’ve only been here since January, but I am absolutely loving the game and especially this community. :smile: I’ve never had so much fun making content for a game before! Can’t wait to see what you have planned. Take care.


Please, not apologise for your greeteings =)
So, you can read how Ollie did it early. He was more laconic, but it’s not a standart.

Also I think, you will be interested in the old topic “Meet and greet”. There is a lot information about us faithful admirers of :boundless:


Thanks, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: