GUI Visual Development

Here’s some visual development on the new GUI system (don’t read too much into the content just yet, I always fill it with nonsense). The item icons are actually some of our awesome new item meshes.

This adopts the new data layout that I’ve previously shared, and learnings from scaling prototype mentioned in the weekly devlog update mixed with the current GUI style.

[ EDIT ] Here’s what how scaling roughly works:


This is sooooooo cool!!!
I’m super excited!!
Great job!


Doesn’t look bad. Excited to see it ingame.

Now those are some really expensive seeds you got there, must be some sweet weed they grow.


When we get the new interface ingame? :wink: i hope soon.

and ist it possible to make an option to set the slot bar from 0-9(forget the correct name, in other games mostly named skillbar) permanent visible and an option to set the slot bar in 1 row instead 2 rows ? i think it looks much more better as in 2 rows, i tried in diffrent games 2 rows and every time i think 1 row looks better. i like it more if all is near the window edge, so i have more free place in the center of my screen. at the beginning we had still all in row and permanently visible, can we have this back ? maybe as option, than can every one decide for his own what he likes more.


when i clicked and the picture loaded literly my jaw dropped

what does c stand for is that some currency

- 10 chars


The currency is going to be called “link(s)” though.
C doesn’t really make sense :stuck_out_tongue: well I guess that’s a placeholder anyway

Nice looks like a great step in the right direction for sure

I thought they said they were called Coins, but that was before they changed it to Links.

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Well they said the placeholder name was coin^^

For everyone who’s interrested why they are called links ^^

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This is what I read. I also said that this is what they were called before the were called Links. Hope this sentence maked any sense :sweat:

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Japp, +1 for this … If I could only chose one of the both possibilities, I would take a 1-row-Inventory (which would stay on screen), so please give us the options (later, when most work is done :wink: )


The current toolbar is placeholder – when dual weilding is enabled we’ll move over to a new switcher :thumbsup:


It more and more sounds like we’ll get a complete overhaul of everything we know at the moment.
That really makes me excited!


She put ‘link’ in quotes to show that it’s not the name of the object, just what it is more easily recognizable as. Ollie said the currency is called Coin in @Scortion’s post, so Coin © is very likely what it will be called.

I certainly hope it’s not called coin. Such a generic name isn’t even worth considering for Boundless in my opinion.
Link(s) has a really nice sound and represents it’s function perfectly so I’d vote for that over coins anytime^^

(And we can jokingly call them Zeldas too. Nothing can beat that^^)


Definitely, anything is better than ‘coin’ :smile:

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Coin may not be the best sounding name is terms of coolness, but I think it’s the most universally known name and makes it immediately identifiable about what it is and the purpose it has. It allows anyone to pick up the game and instantly know what it is.