[Guide] The Methodology of Mining


Yeah, thats likely why I originally dumped portal epic on my miner way back when. Spare points.


Made a bunch of updates tonight. Will continue it tomorrow morning with the tips and tricks section and likely finish it off.


The only thing I might add with your final tip is make a square around the hotspot you’re going to be stripping. That way you don’t have stop to check your atlas if you’ve gone out of bounds and so on. You can just mine each corridor n/s e/w etc. it saves atlas time which saves overall time.

Then you have your outline set and once first level is stripped you can drop down to the next tier. I’ve noticed folks only mine one level often, instead of going down a layer. A lot gets missed this way, to my benefit.


I haven’t added the tips and tricks section. While I don’t personally might out a square around, I do mine multiple levels and I go over, up, or down exactly 5 voxels. Always.


Ah ha my bad, I read what you said more carefully now. Great guide regardless. Good resource for people new to the game.


This feature will always be broken :frowning:

It’s especially a pain if you have a grapple tethered to something and need to switch hands. Basically a death sentence.


The last time I tested it I couldn’t get above 8 hits/sec on an action speed 80 tool :confused:

I didn’t have forged tools to test with though so there might be a threshold that breaks 8hits/s


You can switch that of in settings so that it only changes your main hand (either right or left)


Well, that’s a relief. When did this happen anyway? I know I checked it recently, too.


Maybe using two hammers? I know you actually get a slight speed boost just by two handing and letting em rip.




Any chance you know depths for fossils?


Is this old list no good?


I’ll give it a try thanks


Nice in depth guide to help new people get started. I linked this one and @Vansten’s to the subreddit for any reddit lurkers who haven’t found the forums yet.


Do you know the depths for the lucents too?


No sir, I do not.
That old thread has a heap of useful info, but it’s old. A lot of the people that collected it are no longer around, and did not pass on their methods. If someone finds out, we can edit the post/s though, since it’s a wiki post.


Lucent Gem Depths:

Blink - Alt 0 - 20
Rift - Alt 20 - 60
Umbris Alt 120 - 160


Thanks fellas : )


Added Tips and Tricks section for advanced mining and big yields!~