[Guide] The Methodology of Mining


Quick question before bed:

You guide doesn’t really go into what to do about all the sand and gravel. It’s doesn’t really feel like the whole strip mining thing works properly in this situation.

Also it might be worthwhile adding some tips about lava and other things that experts like yourself may take for granted. Like it only takes digging down 1 block to stop a whole flow of lava from coming for you.


Good call. I’ll add those tips.


I’ve had really good hauls of Umbris from 180 - 200 as well on some previous planets. Not the current planet though.


Updated to include a section about lava, sand, and gravel.


Thanks for the update. I guess I was wondering whether to bother getting it out of the way, lest the be hidden seams behind the sand.

Great guide btw!


I don’t bother. I just move around it. Technically, yes, you could miss a seam but I’m guessing the probability that:

  1. A seam is directly covered by gravel or sand and
  2. That seam is either covered on the other side back as well (when strip mining) or does not go deeper into the wall than itself

Is very, very low.


By extension you can also leave 3 blocks between the shafts, especially on topaz mining. The probability of there being something hidden is low, and even if there is, the seam isn’t big so it’s not a big loss :thinking:


This is a fair point. I know I’m allowing for potential loss in not clearing sand and gravel but for some reason my OCD forces me to leave only two blocks between my rows or I feel bad about life.

Additionally, clearing sand and gravel sticking out would be extra work but ensuring two blocks between rows isn’t so I go ahead and do it.


You’ll still randomly switch both hands at times for no reason even with the option to switch both hands turned off :frowning: