Hammer Longevity , Light distance

I got this game when it First appeared was lil disappointed with how long its taking to get built the concept is amazing and far better than minecraft has to offer. I have 2 questions why is it the Stone hammer burns out so fast as well as the Torch only gives what looks like 3-4 squares of light. Also why is there no /general /shout long range chat optional ?

durability for tools and dev responses regarding the durability are in this thread. the mechanics are out but everything isn’t balanced yet :wink:.

Response from Luke:

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Early Acces (game is not done yet)

Actually I’m pretty sure they were planning on not having a global chat at all, which is great for immersion :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you using the basic torch or the “torch” torch? The one that is made from cloth gives off quite a bit of light actually, it’s really nice.