Hammer Tiers

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There is actually no common understanding what is a T5, T6 or T7 hammer, I would like to come with a clear overview so that we stick to it and refer to the same.

First of all we shall not simply mark hammer “T7” when it needs Strength buffs
For Pure T1-T7 hammers there shall be NO strength brews or bombs taken into consideration
So pure T7 can only be Rift.

How shall we refer to a diamond hammer forged only to level 5 damage presuming Mega strength brew to be used for T7 planet? I suggest “T7 Mega” indicating the brew needed with max mining specs.

I made myself a table of damage boons needed, now updated it with the Damage modifier e.g. “+270” which is then visible in the item stats.

In general, would you all agree with this or are there different perceptions ? Let me know.


This is why I don’t label my forges…
I’ve seen some people label as T7 with brew which makes sense, but i sit and look at my forges and wonder what tier they all are :laughing:
Then skill points and epics affect it too… So are these taken into account? Or just base stats I would assume? I love forging. I do not love labelling and pricing :laughing:

I like the table! It makes it easy to understand what tiers my stuff are!

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Yea, I had the same chaos. Glad you like it. With Skill points we have to presume max. damage and max Hammer skills including all epic. That’s what miners have to have for T6/T7.


Looks good to me :slight_smile:

From the more practical side I think amethyst/emerald is a bit overrated, considering those gems aren’t that abundant, they’re double the price of diamond/ruby, almost triple compared topaz/sapphire. The benefits aren’t big enough for me to justify using them on a daily basis. Especially when you have max energy build and maybe even a pie and a megafast (which are cheaper atm than the gem cost difference btw). They’re the deluxe end-game stuff to me :smiley: But maybe I’m still mid game and my views can change.

Max damage is achieved with

8 Power
5 All Attr
5 Hammer Mastery
Hammer Epic
Damage Epic

@Trickyy90 Most use http://www.pfiffel.com/bl/dmg/#1,4,4,5,9,1,5,1,0,0,0,0,8,0,0 as a way to see which tier your tool can 1-hit in the rock column.


Thanks Mayu, I mine all gems myself so i don’t feel the cost, but you are right, Emerald I use only for grapples, not for hammers as its easier to get diamonds and also bit easier to forge them.
So I agree with you, but for completeness it has to be mentioned as it is a valid T6 hammer if forged like indicated.
And thanks for the max damage, i was too lazy to look it up :slight_smile:

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Yup, I just noticed the grey numbers, and I had a typo in the max damage spec :sweat_smile:

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I agree, except that I am still perfectly fine with labelling a non-Rift hammer as T7 capable WHEN you also explicitly mention they need a strength brew.

What I do for instance with speedy T7 (with brew) hammers that I hold off on the damage and add more speed instead…

Same goes for the BudgetLine of hammers I sell (all gem types) which need a strength brew for T5/T6 even. A Topaz hammer with 3x3, dmg lvl 8 and a mega strength, 1 hits T6 with ease and they are fast already by themselves, have more dura too and then add some extra speed to them and they fly faster than a dia hammer with a fast brew! Those I also sell as T5/T6 capable with a strength brew…

Also, many love the day/night quirky hammers which can 1 hit T7 as well without a strength brew during the correct moment of the day.

Clear, every forger and every miner has different preferences, and when I was lost in the jungle, searching what actually is T6 hammer, I could not find any hint how high I have to forge my hammer to one hit the rock. Now I understand the complexity, but I believe more people are hesitant what is what and how to forge it, or what they are actually buying.
So this may serve as a guideline for the basic common hammers.
It is a valid approach to use MSB and trade damage for speed or do any other trade offs and I know your shop is with a lot of valid info on that :wink:
I only want to spread some awareness on what is what in basic terms.

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I agree that the convention i use is assuming that I’m selling hammers to hammer specced miners. Same goes when naming axes; although for shovels there is usually a difference between the tier of sand/dirt and then gravel/ash they can 1shot.

As a result a diamond +20 AOE hammer is classed as “T6”. If it had the day/ night bonus and was able to 1shot, I label them T7 [day/night] as appropriate. Shovels may be “T3/T4”.

Good question though and thanks

I have a “sample” hammer I carry with me whenever I go shopping to compare everything to. Probably easier to just write these numbers down or something…

So do people label their hammers etc assuming the player has the damage epic and the other skills? That’s what confuses me. Surely it’s a different tier hammer depending on your skill points, so I don’t get how I can label them for sale…

Yes, most of the forges i see that label tools assume that you have the max spec for using the tool.


I’m assuming that everybody assumes max skills :smiley: At least that’s how I’ve seen them labeled everywhere and been labeling them like that myself. Otherwise labeling would be impossible so it’s become a bit of the baseline. It’s also what most miners are specced like.

@Krollbar Since the tools show just the damage numbers you can’t easily calculate the damage boon level from it. It’s one of the QoL I’d wish was added, the actual boon levels on the tools.


Ahh okay makes sense. It always confused me, especially when I was still levelling.
I can now label my hammers though :partying_face: thank you. I may put up a sign for noobs such as i was to explain XD

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Yeah I carry around a “bare minimum” hammer that I know any lower won’t get the job done.

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I Don t Like the day and nicht quirk , i prefer a strengh brew instead.

What would a Rift Hammer cost for T7 ? With max Dura ?

This is how I have always marketed my hammers/tools:

I guess the only thing I should clarify is the need for “Mega” strength brew.

In order to achieve max durability as well as damage 5 and AOE, also no quirks or defects, I believe you will need to use the vigor stacking method and will only be able to forge 1 (maybe 2) hammers at a time making this more expensive than it’s worth.

I could be wrong, someone may have worked out a more efficient method to achieve this. But if not then the cost of the forging materials alone will be around 25-30k, add the cost of the hammer and the need for the forger to actually make a profit and make it worth his or hers while then you will be looking in excess of 50k a hammer.

If you are prepared to sacrifice half of that durability and accept some quirks or defects then there are much cheaper forging methods available and you might be able to pick them up for 10-20k.

But for either option I personally believe you are simply better off using speedy sapphire hammers which can be forged cheaply and 5-9 at a time.

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Can you Show a Picture with the Specs of the Saphire Hammer? And how many coins does 1 Hammer cost?

Sure, this is what I sell for 10k each. The damage is higher than necessary (+320 forge effect is sufficient for T7) and the action speed can go as high as +50 forge effect (but I keep those ones for myself, lol)

I keep all the sapphire hammers for myself (and friends), if not quite as I wanted them for T7 they work soooooo well on lower levels too!

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