Healing Chamber and Pay per use locks

Hey just wanted to throw some more ideas out there before I forgot them.

  1. would be awesome to have beds or chambers that you could interact with that healed you the longer you stayed in them

  2. would be great if you could charge an admission to enter a room. The room owner and anyone with permission could set the price and options by interacting with the locks.

  3. PLEASE add an additional permission for beacons that give full administrative rights to remove/add plots and even remove the beacon; Also add the ability to remove all plots.


These are pretty cool, if would add a reason for folks to stick around towns. Although health Regen is free and very fast. Many people might not use it.

I am looking forward seeing pay to use locks and portals, I think it would add some nice aspects to traveling.

As far as the permissions, I would like to add on to it. Instead of adding an administrator permission they need to add more customisation. Who can do xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and who can’t. Adding one tittle that takes control of basically everything may just add to some issues that I’ve personally experience trying to separate beacon members permissions.

In the past, before the invention of healing consumables, we had healing blocks that bestowed the blessings of the Oort to heal any ailments on contact. Conversely, there was also the ember block to inflict their wrath. This suggests that it would be trivial for the creators to grant these properties to other crafted objects in the future.

Regarding pay-locks, our Scryers in The Brotherhood have determined that such a device is not only possible, but already exists in Creator’s vaults, but the knowledge of their function and fabrication has not yet been granted to the mortal realms. Meditate on it, and they may eventually grant that knowledge.

Walk with the light, and destroy the shadows.


I am hesitant about the pay to use portals idea. For example what if city owners started charging a fee for entering a popular portal hub whose owners don’t charge people because they want a free and reliable system run on footfall? Or worse what about players planting traps where you enter by portal but you can’t escape unless you pay the exit fee.

I’m not entirely opposed to it, if there was a small standard fee, like one oortshard per use.

Then again considering my personal portaling habits I would be broke by the end of the day. I spend a lot of time gathering portal coordinates for the Portal Seekers travel guide. Which means I am constantly portal hopping to collect data (yup cause I’m a nerd). I do realize I am not the norm. But I am also travelling a lot to purchase tools and resources while I’m building on the Portal Seekers Gateway.

Looking at it that way, I feel like it isn’t sustainable, that instead we will have a lot more personal portals being opened to avoid the cost of paying other players to use their portals.


I totally see your point, but I feel like the griefers that partook in that nefarious behavior would find that no one wanted to be around them. Sure there would be some a holes that did that, but then no one would go to their cities. And in regards to getting trapped, you could just return to sanctum.
See MY use case in my other reply.

So my use case for these suggestions would be to create a hotel when people could pay to use a room with the healing chamber. Instead of healing, it could be some other times buff

Wow, some of the coolest ideas I’ve seen so far. Love the paid lock idea, which would be a great solution to renting out land or houses. There’s a trello for boundless for ideas like these. Check it out.

I think this side of it would be solvable by players: the portal hub owners could close the portal with that problematic settlement

The trapping issue is worse - though with sanctum bumping, players may have a way out of that, too

very old dev post:

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