HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


No crops should grow any faster than world regeneration currently takes. Even impatient new players can accept things take that much time to grow because it’s a part of the in-universe mechanic.

There’s nothing wrong with higher-tier crops taking longer (other than some player’s impatience when their meds need adjusting again). Plant today, come back tomorrow to harvest. Wait even longer for the good stuff.

I live on a farm in real life. Things take time. A lot of time. Running to the corner shop to pick up what you need on a whim is not how it works.


Definitely feel like the fastest should be an hour and slowest should be 1 day


If the time walls are too severe, it could scare away future players.

For example: kids that are allowed 1-2 hours of gameplay afterschool, working people that can only spend an hour or two a night playing after the kids go to bed, etc.

No one is saying anything should grow instantly. Crops should take some time to grow, but it should be relative/scale depending upon the item/yield/rarity. It should not be excessive & should appeal to all players - even casuals.


Agree, I had marked for the slowest four hours thinking of the ones who would whine about how long it would take, but growing up with a dad who lived on a farm, and had to hitch mules to the plow, I know how long it can take for crops to grow.

I remember cutting up the seed potatoes, digging the holes, putting them into the ground. Planting the beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and more, then the hoeing to get the weeds and stir up the soil, then the long wait and the rush to harvest and get them put up. Hours of canning for the harvest to have the food last the winter.

Kids today, they expect it to all be ready Now!


So i voted. But honestly it doesnt mean much.
I FEEL VERY STRONGLY, that growth time depends on balance between what can be grown, how hard it is to get things growing, and how much these things produce. I STRONGLY suggest a wide range of crop growth durations. For instance a decorative plant or one producing a single starberry should be very fast, while a plant producing 10000 starberries should be very slow. That, or the drop should increase with time, allowing harvest flexibility.


Likely to prevent confirmation bias. It that’s going to occur as we discuss regardless.


I would expect this to be longer than top tier forging.

So at least a few hours for the fastest and a few days for the longest.

I imagine crops to be something I sow and may forget for a while - come back later that day (maybe go hunting or building or just take a break from game), or check on it after a few days (in case of longest ones). There are other things to do in game than just farming, so why would we have a situation when we sow seeds and stand there impatiently waiting for it to grow?

I think, it’s better to have more time-consuming automated processes (selling and buying through stands and baskets, top tier crafting, then farming) that can be complimented by on-hand activities (building, hunting, mining) requiring mouse and keyboard activity. This way we can switch between them.


Even if we vote on the time we dont know the process of it. Lets say it ends up at 24 min for the fastest. And if the process is so cheap and easy to do. you can just keep recropping a 10x10 plot. Ending up flooding the game.


this is boundless tho if i wanted to deal crazy farming times and maintenance i will go play farming simulator 19 heaving to wait say 2 days for someting to grow just so that thing can then be used to make someting else that 9/10 will take anywhere form 10 min to 6HR’s to make just turns boundless into a waiting simulator and people who may have picked up the game cuz they saw they can farm will just get mad refund the game and play stardew valley.


Your killing me kal! Youve been typing and typing and im soooooo curious


I agree in the real world growing something takes a long time. But this is a game and supposed to be fun. If it takes days or weeks to grow something then that might reflect the real world, but why would someone want to spend that kind of time in a game to do it? If the game is going to require that kind of time commitment, then do the players interested in farming plant their crops and log off for a few weeks until their crops mature? I know some will say that is not what will happen but is that not what happens with crafting now? Consistently players have indicated that they put resources into the machines and log off of boundless and log back in the next day or later to get the items they needed to continue playing. Do we want players to stay in the game more or stay away from the game longer waiting for things to happen?


Will we be getting optional notifications for when our crops are ready to harvest? I say “optional” because people might not want to be notified.


how many players will play only to farm though?


Is farming replacing daylie hunts for wax yam? Then Hours for growth.
Do we get completly new items for the Food chain? Hours to days.

Timers by rarity would work too, but really not enough info as of yet. For me anyways.


From what I’ve noticed, there are actually a lot of vets that keep checking in to see if farming has been added & won’t be back till it has. Just like some people only build, some only mostly mine, etc…I’m sure some people will focus on farming only.


I think a lot of players do this. They log in … Log out. And eventually stop logging in. But I think the idea is to avoid promoting that pattern. Right…?


I do not know, how many players only run a shop or only forge? My point is, if a player needs the crops in order to progress on something, then do they plant them and then log off and do something else? If they have limited time to play games in a week, are they going to sit around and watch crops grow for days when they can play another game where they get quicker results.

Personally, I am hoping that farming will provide content where I might want to spend more time in the game. If it takes weeks to grow something then I am very likely to plant and log out until they are ready. And if this gets too boring or I find something more rewarding to play in the interim, then my boundless time will decrease again. The existing grind is enough, I do not see the need to artificially put up time gates on crops. That being said I do not think they should be instantaneous. They do need to take a little time but not days or weeks.


For a general idea of works well, I’m going defer to what was done with another game: Farm Together, an absolute gem of a relaxing farming game, so much so that this impulse buy shocked me by how much I enjoy it. Everything also grows in real time in this game, though with seasons and you can speed things up (or with flowers, increase profits) with watering. I think their team did a really good job balancing everything. Here is a Google doc of the items, times, profit margins, ect. for it-

So, for those who don’t want to look, .17 - 48 hour range seems to work well, though I’m going to double the latter on this as this isn’t as causal a game and put my vote on the second at four days.


I’m a current player who will decided if they continue playing based off how the farming update goes. It’s the one thing I have been asking for since day 1 when I landed in the ultima hub on finata and was told by serenity and Riley that there was no farming in the game. I was absolutely gutted when I heard that but I understood there was constant updates so I’ve been patiently waiting.

I quit playing for about 3 months from life and frustration with gameplay and came back maybe a month ago now? Farming info has become a little more regular and it’s the one thing I want more than anything in this game for my selfish personal enjoyment.
Some people love hunting, others love building, even more low running shops. A proper farming system is that thing for me . The thing that would have me logging in daily to play from excitement, entertainment, and enjoyment.

If it’s executed poorly, then I’ll likely take a longer break this time. I don’t doubt the team will do well though as each system they have put in as been pretty awesome(forging, exos, events, etc) they just haven’t been things that make me personally goo ‘sweet, time to do some of this!’

Yet I’m one of the weirdos who doesn’t mind longer timers but it’s an activity that I’ve been looking forward to since I literally bought the game :man_shrugging: People is so unique


then again, how many players playing only boundless we can have?
it’s normal people play multiple games - so, activities that can be done within half an hour and left for 2 hours or a few days to go back to them are good to attract players who still want to play other games and don’t want boundless to be a second-job-like game (same for people that can’t play in long multi-hour sessions)