HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


while true there needs to be balance that right now boundless is missing i find you send way more time loged off then playing at points… my self in early access boundless was my dominant game(when crafting times where nice and you did not need to spend days farming mats to make AOE hammers) then when the grinding skyrocketed with release i found my self loging off more and more waiting for things to craft my time was now split with WoW/OW where i was able to do alot more without being forced to wait.after a week of releazeing i was playing those games more then boundless i uninstalled boundless and now WoW is my dominant game


Probably not a lot, but we do not have enough people playing boundless to begin with so I am not sure this is a good way to look at it.

Eventually players just do not come back to a game that does not keep them engaged or that they find to be boring or unrewarding. So putting in a mechanic that encourages players to play other games does not seem to be in the interest of growing this game.

I already find boundless to be a second job sometimes. The time it takes to create a block to build with in sufficient quantities is already too long compared to all the other building games I own where you still have to craft the building materials. And in one case (Medieval Engineers) they lowered the grind so that players could make progress on builds more quickly. So if farming is just more of the same time consuming grind, then are the developers making the case that their game is only for players that want to spend 10-20 hours a week playing the game? Are the reviews that mention the grind just to be ignored?

When I first started playing Boundless I felt that the time I spent in game actually resulted in my accomplishing something and I spent even more time in game. As the game has progressed, everything seems to take longer due to more complex recipes, nerfing game mechanics, adding machines that added more time to get similar tools. I know I am spending less time in game and hoping for a good reason to play again. Currently it seems Boundless continues a trend of fewer average players each month (at least as far as Steam players). Personally the only reason I am in game at all is for guild members.


Also - if all activities in game are instant or close to instant effect, than how many things can I really do?

If I know I have 2 hours to play and start the session with planting crops and then before I’m finished with all some are already full grown and I start harvesting and before I’m done also other ones get ready to harvest, and then I would want to make stuff from what I harvested… entire 2 hour session is taken by farming.

When will I mine or hunt or check my shop?

Better to sow in first minutes of my session, and knowing it takes a few hours or a day to before harvesting, I can go and make sure I have fuel for my portals or that I re-stock my shop, or I run a community event, or I go around to make some coin (gathering, hunting, mining). Etc. etc.
Then I harvest in my next session (maybe later same day, or the day after).

If know that I need to wait for harvest till Friday evening, then I know my Thursday morning can be a hunt, and my Thursday evening can be checking my shop or building something, and Friday morning I meet people and we do an episode of Storage Wars together.

It’s also healthier not to be stuck to the screen in one spot because something is going to be ready in 2 minutes so no point going doing something else. If gameplay was made of multiple short sow-reap activities, would it be really enjoyable?


I voted entry level for 24min and end level for 4 weeks.

As I don’t know what stuff we can farm and what kind of mechanics farming will have I just expect that we game would have option to farm something like oort stones or something else valuable like that. So passive growth time should take much time with possibility to speed of farming by active care, like coils do with machines.

As balancing wise it is also for developers easier to make farming times shorter after feedback than make those longer :smiley:


I do want to be clear that I agree with you that it should not be instant. While we probably do not agree on the exact amount of time it should take to grow crops, instant is not the way to go. I do not think that makes sense or fit into the game.

Since the non-prestige crops do not die, does it really matter if you are not there the instant they mature? I would say it does not. But if I am waiting for them in order to make something else then it would be nice to not have to wait days or weeks to move on to the next step.


The way I see it, you can mine an exo in a day or get needed creature trophies in a day. You could even harvest a useful amount of any current plant in one day. Having worthwhile crops grow in a day would make sense too, assuming you couldn’t just mass harvest and blow the looting proportions out of the water :thinking: Anyway, compared to other avenues of resource collection, I don’t think farming anything should take more than 24 hours.


Here’s another thought, why should they have strict timers at all? What if they had various stages of the timer. Those who wanted to quick harvest could, but they’d get a lower yield yet still enough to justify harvesting early , those who wanted spend more time on the crops could do so and be rewarded for it. Tier a-e harvest timers in a tier 1-5 crop system. (Ie: spend time a - get default items, spend time b -get default x 1.5, spend time c - get default x2 etc etc)

I know some people will have the immediate argument of “well then I have to do the longest timer for the most yield”. No, you don’t. It’s a deliberate choice and you’re still getting crops, just not at the level you would have if you were willing to spend more time being finicky and meticulous about the time/care/work you put in to it.

I feel like that’s a happy medium but I know there are those out there who can’t take part in an action without committing to the maximum yield and if that requires more time then it’s off-putting to them.

Anyways, just a potential thought on how to find a middle ground.


Can totally agree, am frustrated at times with how long it takes on some tasks. Make milk glands into milk, then make it into purified milk then make it into purified butter and that mass craft, that is not just 10 or 15 minutes, but several hours of waiting time.

I take that time to go and mine, gather, or crafting in the forging area, but for some that is just too much and even for me I get frustrated at how long it can take. And in forging, how many steps is needed. Why do we need so many recipes for making tools, and now more are being added.

My point, and I know you and others see it, is that in real life it does take time and while I and others don’t want that in a game, we expect it to take more than 10, 15 minutes for a plant to grow from seed and produce fruit or a veggie.

I am hoping that players, new and older ones, realize that there will be more to it than just stick a seed in the dirt walk away and a hour or some later come and pick the fruit and be a happy player who feels they did something special. I would like to see the need to add water, fertilizer and then harvesting that would take a bit of time. Not a lot, but some.

We Do Not need to have to wait several hours, such as 12, 24 or more from start to finish for a easy plant, nor do we want to have multiple steps. But I do want to see some work into it. Put down a seed, add some water to it and leave it for approx. a hour to grow and come back and harvest. To get a higher yield, we could add the step of when we water it we could add some fertilizer and then it will give more in the final yield, or maybe even a second yield of less fruit.

Finding that middle ground where you feel you have accomplished something and were it becomes not a game but a chore is the hard thing to do.


I do not think this is a bad idea. I do think that it depends on how much harvesting early hurts the yield. If a plant take 48 hours to grow and you get 50% by harvesting in one day then would this be good enough? Could you make up for the lesser yield by planting a larger farm?

I agree it is a choice, but I also agree with you on how some players will react. It is like AOE tools. We have conditioned the player base that the only way to gather/mine is to use these tools and nothing else will do. The fact that they can be over 900% more efficient than an iron tools might be why.


Because of this I feel 1 day is suited for the fastest growing crop, Plants typically take a very very long time to grow, and I feel if you plant something, It should take a little bit of time and waiting for it to grow,

Also since farming has the potential for exponential growth and this depends on rather or not you can collect seeds from the harvest that enables that potential, and a few other things. I feel the high end crops should take about a week maybe two weeks or somewhere in between before they are ready to be collected

In the event it is possible to grow something of very high value then maybe even the full 4 weeks if you are growing something exceptionally valuable.

Lastly, Since I do not know the failure conditions for farming, If there are random events that can create problems for the crop, then I feel that might warrant the growth times I stated above, to be reduced down, By how much? That would depend on the different types of failures and faults that can happen and how hard or easy they are to prevent.

If the crop is easy to grow, then more waiting is fine, If the crop is hard to grow or is needy and needs a lot of attention to grow correctly, then less waiting might be in order.


@Trundamere that is exactly how I was looking at it too. Glad I’m not as crazy as I felt there!


Yaaay farming! Im hype, would be fine with the top end stuff (whatever it may be) taking a day or two to grow.

But i do have to think, will this bring along plant coils for faster growing? :thinking:


To me the “better rewards at the end” mechanic sounds like the only rewarding aspect is waiting, you don’t gain more by being finicky and meticulous if the only variable is time. I think we should get some wiggle room, eve’s PI system does an ok job of rewarding time, in it you can select the time you want your “plants” to “grow”, shorter times give more resources per hour, but the cap is low. On the other hand a long “growth period” gives less per hour, but the cap they can accumulate up to is higher.


Almost to 100 votes :grimacing:


Maybe having them close to a water source or lava source will make them grow faster?


It’s not just waiting though. You’d obviously have to continue the care and maintenance of the plant. Perhaps as you hit the new harvest timer, you’d have to use a new fertilizer or light, etc etc.

We don’t have near enough info to properly suggest timers so I’m just throwing all sorts of stuff out there :smile:

I enjoyed eves moon mining/ PI system thoroughly. I’d be quite happy with a system like that but oh my god could you imagine the griefing that would go in game if we had to find hot spots for specific crops? And what if the crop hot spots moved over time as it was used?

Ooof. Man that’s a whole new element t to crop farming I’m not sure I want to think about. Thanks for the eve ptsd :joy::joy::+1:t2:


Didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get the 100 votes on each category lol


Now we just need @james to open up the results. .



I must be slowpoke. I said 4 hours - 1 week, to get at least a feeling of accomplishment, else you can just give away the farm items. Oh…and hopefully the high end crop is something really special.