HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


I do have a question. As was pointed out earlier, if I can go gather leaves and in an hour get 200 starberries, why would I want to spend 4 hours or a week farming them? I still have to plant them and possibly tend them so if this takes longer then other methods why do it at all?


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If you can grow something that is already in the game, and you can mass farm as is, then in that case, I do understand crop times being faster, However for anything New that is added by this system, That should be slow.

However, It should technically take longer regardless, for the existing item you are growing, as if you go out and farm them the classic way, you have to use tools, maybe even forge the tools to get AoE on them, Drain those tools of durability, break those tools, make more, and spend the hour of actively breaking blocks,

Growing stuff is alot more passive (I think at any rate), and will most likely require alot less effort on your part to do, and therefore it should take more time for you to get the same yield as you doing it the active way. It frees you up to get other things done while you would otherwise be devoting 100% of your time to the collection of the berry, and with that, there should be a cost, and that is the time it takes for it to grow.

The bottom line from me is: When both Active and Passive choices are given to the player as an way to get something, The active path should have a higher yield given for X amount of time spent, and the passive path giving less yield for the same X amount of time.


What if they want to get away from those ‘farms/footfall traps’ but can’t do anything about it until they get a farming system put in place?

I mean that’s just one reason. Maybe they want to tweak around with the way regen works for something’s but it impacts other things?

I don’t know you asked a question and those are the 2 things that immediately popped in to my head. Not that they would do that or are thinking about it.


I don’t think farming should replace gathering, so hopefully we won’t only get the same items as when we gather. If I can grow 200 starberries in 4 hours, that is fine with me anyway. That way it becomes easier to get stuff when you are not playing. Cutting trees becomes quite boring too in the end.


Yeah I have to agree that my answer may change based on the specifics. Personally I’d like to see a farming skill set that could help with time and efficiency. Much like the crafter skill sets.


Without more information you could very well be correct and farming could be very passive. However we have seen watering cans so there very well could be tools needed to plant and tend the crops. I would expect time will be needed to gather seeds and plant seeds at a minimum and these will require tools of some sort. Tending might accelerate growth so you could argue that is the same as using a more expensive tool (forged) to do the gathering.

I think if it takes seconds to plant a crop and a few seconds to gather the same item then the effort is equal and the difference is the time for the crop to grow.

I think the first response is very interesting. If a lot of what they allow us to farm are items already in game then this could very well be the case. The regen is also interesting. Are they wanting to reduce certain resources but they come from the same source as other resources where there is a shortage? Are we going to grow the items where there is a shortage to allow for a tweaking on the regen of certain other items?


My god, 24 minutes is way too short. You could start building out a big field and by the time you finish planting, your first plants are ready to harvest?!?!

No way, I voted 8 hours for the min, and 1 week max.

You have to consider that most farm mechanics self inflate, meaning that if you plant a vegetable, that vegetable can allow you to plant more than one plant next time.

A too-short maturation timeline would cause the resources generated from it to be essentially worthless on the market.


I’m kind of the same… think stuff should be much longer … but all of this is based on WHAT it is we are growing.


As always, speculation is my forte. It could be way off base though but it makes sense as they are using exo planets to gather data and we’ve been through several cycles now and they may have an idea of changes they want to implement .



I voted one day, and one week.

i have only some ideas on what will be grown, only some ideas what the growing will require. There’s really very limited information to ask for community feedback on such a balancing point.

So the poll is between “I want it NOW” and “You should have to work for it” I guess. Can’t wait to see the votes.

Bluntly i don’t believe that farming should be a single-session activity. You don’t grow strawberries while you’re pouring your cereal. Or go out after lunch and plant tomatos for dinner.

hEre we go again…


Yeah, I mean if you DEDICATE your time to farming, you should be able to generate a prolific amount of product. If anyone can just wait 24-60 minutes and have the same product, then what value does your work and dedication have?

If you have a max of 1 week to mature, then you have plenty of time to build in efficiencies and synergies to your farm structure to edge out competition.


I agree in the real world that is how it works, but if Boundless was the real world then we would not be able to build a house in a few hours, we would not come back when we die. It is a game so making it link to real life for this one mechanic seems wrong to me.

If I can gather starberries in an hour should they take a week to grow? If they do then why even make the effort to program farming into the game?

We can both go out and with the same tool harvest a couple of smart stacks of leaves and given the same skill set come back with roughly the same amount of starberries. So if we can both do the same thing in the same amount of time what value does our work have? As long as players with the same skill sets and tools can accomplish the same things in the same amount of time, why does it have to take weeks?

Edit: I have never understood why time alone equals reward. If I plant something and leave it alone for 2 weeks before it matures, why does this make it more special than if I plant something and harvest it in a day? Is the intent to once again put a mechanic in place that rewards the players that can play for hours everyday and not provide anything of value for those that cannot?


Something that hasn’t been mentioned. Watering. As much as it rains, why would we need to water the plants?


its possible that weather may not effect plants IE you could be on a world that rains 24/7 but still need to water the plants


Conversely, some planets don’t have rain at all.


hence the introduction of water sources and lava sources so you can water or lava your plants?


my guess it it would allow for irrigation/mob,player traps


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