HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


It shouldn’t be time alone though, and crops shouldn’t be set and forget. They should require care and maintenance. Not everyone will like nor want to do that level of care.

I really dislike forging. I do it a bit but I still buy a majority of my tools. I dislike rng that much.

I suck at building but build my blocks with some slopes.

I don’t see why the farming system should/would be any different. The fact that some people (myself included) suggest a long timer doesn’t inherently mean nothing to do. There should absolutely be criteria met to continue the crops/plant growth. But if you have a list of things to do to care for the plant, some folks will be put off because it’s ‘a job’. But how is that any different from anything else in Boundless.

If anything there are Boundless ways to do things in this game. It’s one reason there are such variable prices on things. We all value the time we do specific tasks in game wildly differently from our neighbor.

So far all we really have so far is this poll info and there’s been quite a discussion ranging all over the map. That’s good to see. I can’t wait to see what the system they’re working on actually looks like and plays like.

I’m just excited period :grin::smiley::nerd_face:


Sorry to trim the quote but I want to point out the contradiction there.

A crop that grows in an hour keeps you impatiently waiting for an hour. A crop that grows in a day means you can comfortably log out, and come back later.

In My Opinion, farming should ultimately reward patience. I guess plenty of people are just looking for a way to get mass stuff with low effort, which is fine. But I don’t believe it should be instant.

You compare growing times to harvesting times, but perhaps they should at least be compared to regen times. You can’t harvest the same tree every 24 minutes.


let’s remember boundless is not a farming simulator, nor mining simulator, nor crafting simulator

none of the features should be over-complicated and need continuous attention as it would seriously impede many players’ ability to achieve desired results - we want large fan base to make this game more fun and for that no feature should become a second job


Well I’d say you shouldn’t be able to get the same result farming as you can gathering leaves. If you can, then you don’t need both and should get rid of one of the sources.

Instead, farming should provide an elevated quality/quantity of existing resources, or provide access to entirely new resources.

Time doesn’t = reward, but we’re talking about farming, the concept of which is essentially propagation and multiplication. 1 corn becomes 10 which becomes 100. If the turn around is too fast, then you will have an explosion of certain resources.

Someone who spends their entire week farming, with no other activities, should be able to roughly generate the same amount of wealth as someone who spent that same week mining or gathering or hunting, at least once you take in to consideration tools and danger. A short timeline will imbalance that. Why gather leaves if you can just plant vines and be done with it?


That is a fair point but I can use regen bombs and then I can do it over and over again. That is how players are getting hundreds of resources in a short period of time.

Fair enough maybe I am assuming some maintenance that is either required or will make things grow faster and should have stated such instead of plant it and leave it for 2 weeks.


I think this is where things can get lost in translation. For some, there are aspects in game that are a chore and feel like a job but others love it. I don’t disagree with your overall sentiment but there will always be people that aren’t happy with a particular system and just avoid it because for them it’s just daunting or joblike. (Building large buildings and towns for example. Lots want to do it, but a smaller group is actually capable of doing that because it takes time, and resources, and motivation. Like a job.)


I personally am not looking at farming as a way to get mass crops/food/items. I’m looking at farming as a means to make/grow items that I can’t get otherwise.

If I’m going to grow a beautiful rare sparkly oort decor tree, I would expect that to take a long time to mature.

If I’m going to grow a food item that will be used in a recipe, that requires more processing, I expect it to take a much shorter time before I can harvest it.

Will we have to water crops?
Will we have to fertilize crops?
Will they give us seeds? More of the same plant?
Will they be dependent upon character level? (ie: in RS, you can’t grow magic trees until you’re like level 70)


This is slightly off topic but I would LOVE to see regen bombs removed from the game.

Yes, we have no info on how demanding this will be, yet. But as long as the activity windows are large enough (i.e. not having to water ona 24 hour schedule +/- 1 hour ) this should benefit the couple hours a week players.

I don’t plan to be farming much right now. I know some people are so ready, building giant farms, etcetera … With the information we have, this poll is basically random noise.

I have 108 tables on hand for processing stone. Trying to use more than one for timber is silly. This poll is basically asking “how long should it take to process a block” without telling us what kind of blocks we will process, what the inputs and outputs will be, or what the ‘value’ of the processed block is in experience, prestige, or usability.

So FWIW, they have my opinion.

EDIT: Totally agree with what MajorVex posted while I was typing. There are too many questions to try and give a meaningful answer here.


This x100. But it’s one of the first big ones they’ve asked about related to molding the farming system so it’s good to cover all the bases regards to farming timers and the needs they require.


Yes and the specificity of the question against a vague body of information is encouraging people to reveal their thoughts or expectations in more detail as well.

I don’t think it’s a bad move. I just think the value is limited.


I don’t talk about feeling of grind - that’s a state of mind when you can’t enjoy something that takes more time to complete. It’s subjective.

I meant specifically designed stages in activities (be it crafting or farming), where one needs to be logged in specific time windows to successfully complete action. A design where steps A, B and C are needed, but each one of them have expiry date and if you don’t log in on time to complete it, you go back to step A and must start from beginning.

That’s what I see as “second job” danger - not actual time spent in game, but necessity of playing the game in specific hours. So, in my understanding a game becomes someone’s second job when it dictates how one organizes his/her life. Very dangerous thing and hopefully Boundless will never become that.


Oh man, that’s a lot of posts that reading will make me go insane :stuck_out_tongue:
The few I skimmed, I definitely agree that the time frames are altered by yield and ‘care’ of the crops.
It may be useful to know peoples logging patterns. Myself, I can only log on for anywhere between 1-3hrs a day, and only in the afternoon/evening, due to family commitments.
So 24mins is good, and a day (20hrs) is alright.


At no point do I think a crop rotation should ever fail because you didn’t meet its next requirement. I thought I specified that in one of my posts but maybe I didn’t and likewise there has been a lot of posting so it may have been skipped or I just didn’t finish the thought.

Here’s how I see it for long timer plants (who knows what we actually get) however if any point is ever failed then it just reverts to the last successfully completed stage. The way I was envisioning it, the new stage just flat out didn’t start until you decided to initiate it or decided to stop the process there and harvest your crop. This would require you to log in to check on various stages at certain points but that no different than queuing up a bunch of mass crafts and having to log in to repair coils and what not, is it?

Ps: @james it’d be super cool if you had the time to make a post about how you guys envision farming being implemented or maybe the system is already designed and you’re just looking to get input on a few small things before you deploy to test. There is clearly a lot of thought and discussion to have but so much is speculative based on what we know so far


For the last half hour I’ve been trying to envision how I’d set up a farming system in this game to grow already existing plants that could coexist with gathering. It seems a very fine line to me and I’m stuck.

On the one hand you could front load the farming requirements with needed resources like seeds, appropriate soil, fertilizer, weed control, pesticide, water–I know this is kinda overkill–then require periodic maintenance in order to successfully grow them.

On the other hand lets just plant stuff and walk away.

I can’t see a good solution that doesn’t either make me hate farming or somewhat obsoletes gathering and subsequently devalues things like inky leaves or beans, for example.

Edit: Maybe farmed plants, example Desert Swords, don’t drop both leaves and beans to offset?
Edit: I want to like farming! Help!


I smell fertilizer bombs …



I second this wholeheartedly!


@James, firstly you are very brave for opening this can of worms and you have my respect.
I’d also like to say thank you for the poll and getting a feel what the community wants.

Ok, now I’m gonna explain my choices and some opinion.
Slowest, I chose 1hr because my brain does not like the 24min thing. It’s probably a coding thing, but it seems an odd time to me. If there was 15 or 30 minute choices I might have chose one of those.

Longest… this choice might get me verbally torn apart but I chose 2weeks.
These aren’t the only two times, and I have a feeling there’s one day going to be lots of different crops inbetween here.
I feel if someone is going to put in the time for Uber Crop then they want it to be worth it and not every player who picks up a rake should be able to do that without some dedication. They want to feel proud of nurturing it for that long.

I also wonder if this long time is going to be for continuous yield crops. Trees take a long time to grow but soooo worth it.
(Had an apple orchard once. Glad someone put it down years ago because it was frickin awesome sitting in a tree eating apples all day)

It has been mentioned non-prestidge crops won’t wither inbetween taking care of them so that eases my mind.
I do feel there should be a grace period inbetween care, if it’s time based. Weather’s would honestly be fantastic to help water.

Honestly, after taming and hatching/raising dinos in Ark, I am totally up for this.

Ever spent ALL day babysitting twin dragons because they need to be hand fed and given attention every 15 minutes for that perfect stat bonus? It’s so frickin exhausting and stressful but that feeling when you have this perfect all-destroying beast under your command… best feeling ever.



(deep breathes–pant pant)
Sorry, couldn’t stop Hyde-kun from escaping there.


2 weeks. Loves the ark system. Sat in apple orchard all day vs sitting in a pecan orchard all day. Has waited for farming system since ever.

You might be my internet farming doppelgänger.


I am not going to read every single post. That’s 140+. No thanks. lol

I did 1 hour for fastest and 8 hours for longest. Some of these crops can wither and die which means they would probably yield nothing. Although I do think there should have been a larger range of options available, such as smaller time frames than 24 minutes and something between 8 and 24 hours, such as a 12 hour mark.

There’s also another thing that balances out the time spent waiting for the crops to reach full maturity that I don’t see being said. That being the yield per crop maturity date. If you’re growing starberries and it takes 1 hour, does that mean you basically would get twice as much of a full maturity yield than 24 minute time frame? Does that mean you get 8 compared to 16 or 20 or 30? There’s also the amount of crafting material sinks these items would have too.

I picked the 8 hour time frame for the longest wait cause I don’t think 24 hours is going to work very well. It’s probably going to be more annoying for a lot of people than anything else. I said 8 because it’s the closest option that was available to what I would have picked; which was 10 or even 12. Players have lives outside of Boundless and taking into consideration the growing times of crops that can actually wither and die is stupidly important. Particularly when players risk losing a crop yield because they had to stay late at work or have to attend their kid’s basketball game. If there wasn’t crops withering and dying, then I wouldn’t even bother to bring it up but that’s something that apparently is going to be a thing with farming.

I think growing times between 1 hour and 12 hours is a good range to work with. If there’s cross pollination with farming where berries and beans can create something else, then perhaps those more complex crops can have much larger growing times, such as 1 day and some hours of change. I think that would be reasonable to expect.

Overall though, @james it’s pretty hard to gauge what a reasonable growing time is for the lowest tier crops all the way up to highest tier crops when we know very little in terms of game mechanics of how this content is going to work. Again, I didn’t read all the previous posts before this one so if it was actually answered I’d like to be referenced to those responses.