Help! Hard crashes - can't play!

Starting last night after I came back from a short dinner break from the game, when I interacted with any machines (workbenches, etc.) the game crashed immediately. The problem is still persisting this morning, and I also cannot interact with any blocks in the environment.

I read elsewhere here on the Boundless forums that we are supposed to email this address ( with our .mdmp files should we experience crashes in the game. I have done so already, but I was hoping someone here could help me while I wait for a reply. I really want to play and am completely unable to do so!

Edit: Summarization of Issues:

  1. Game crashes when I try to interact with any of my machines.
  2. Cannot break any blocks anywhere.

Things I can do:

  1. I can look at my inventory.
  2. I can also move/equip stuff.
  3. I can use items such as the hookshot.

UPDATE: Just loaded my Steam profile onto a friend’s computer and fired Boundless up to test whether the problem is in my game account or localized to my computer. I have the same issues no matter what computer I use, meanwhile my friend can play no problem on those computers. Don’t know if this helps, but I thought I’d share.

Did you put a big queue in your machines? Some player have brought down the whole server by making their machine queue too large.

No, Drichter and I only put in single queues in our machines, and we have only a max of three going at any time usually. We did learn very quickly about the lag associated with doing stuff like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you put a new machine down away from your current beacons?

Ummm I need a beacon placed in order to do that. Also, I cannot interact with any blocks :frowning:

Yup…just crashed again :’(

Can you get to the menu?

Think so…what do you want me to try?

Awww cant even trade. Crashed with that too…

You might be having the same problem as this issue.

Everytime they hit “e” they crash.

No, I can hit “e” and look in my inventory fine. I can also move and equip items without crashing. I can hookshot and run about no problem.

I crash when I try to look at one of my machines. I do not crash when I try to break a block anywhere (both inside my beacon and outside), but I cannot break any blocks anywhere.

It’s weird. Nothing I’ve read so far matches up with my issue…

Thanks for trying to help me, Onebit :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

Is this still failing after the latest update?

Consider trying this: Latency Issue - Update