Latency Issue - Update

Update 8:

Please follow these instructions to reduce the bandwidth on connections experiencing problems.

Update 7:

For anyone who has experienced bad connection performance please try the latest Live Release 153. This release contains a collection of improvements to the networking in Boundless for both the client and server.

Please give this a try and report how it performs.

If you do experience rubber banding please try reducing the Bandwidth Limit in the game options and try again. Please report if this helps.

Update 6:

We’ve also discovered an issues where a player experiencing large lag can actually make the entire server block and thus everyone else would lag.

We’re now working on fixing this issue but do not expect an update until next week.

Update 5:

We have just released Testing 31 that we recommend all users try and report their experience with latency.

(From the release note.)

We’ve identified that often the cause of lagging and rubber banding is due to the download of chunk data starving the connection that deals with all other player interaction (movement, world interactions and GUI interactions). We added metrics to calculate the average chunk bandwidth so that people can identify if that looks to be close to their connections max bandwidth.

In addition we’ve then added code to enable the game client to better control the rate at which those chunks are requested from the server. By default we’ve reduced this from the level it used to be however it’s still at a level higher than the chunk meshing rate which means users should see a reduction in burst bandwidth but no visual change in the world loading.

We’ve also added a config in the menu to allow users to adjust this to some lower levels so if the default still maximises their bandwidth causing lag they can try some lower bandwidth settings, these lower bandwidth settings could make the world load in a bit slower but still perfectly playable.

Update 4:

The Boundless [networktest] Steam Beta has been updated for Windows and Mac OS X to be compatible with Release 151.

If you experience Networking or Latency issues with Boundless please consider trying the this Networktest build. The build contains networking buffer tweaks and updated networking libraries which we hope will improve performance and stability.

Whilst experimenting with the issue we discovered that Boundless will have significant issues if the game saturates your Wireless or Internet connection. Boundless has 2 types of communication with the server:

  1. Chunk downloads,
  2. Player input and entity updates.

If the chunk download #1 saturates the connection then the player input #2 will be stalled. Once this happens the network latency message will appear and rubber banding will happen.

We currently believe that this issue is causing the majority of issues for players. If the issue does trigger, try standing still and waiting for all the chunks to load. The game should then recover.

Please let us know how the Networkingtest versions compares to the Live version for you.

Update 3:

We were not able to get any networking updates into Testing 30. Please give it a try, but we don’t expect it to be an improvement over Release 150.

We’re still investigating and working on this issue - as per the details in Update 2 below.

Update 2:

Whilst waiting for more reports from players about the networking status with the testing build (see below) we’re continuing with the following:

  1. Updating some of dependent pieces of networking libraries built into the game.

  2. Creating a simple diagnostic tool that can be included with Boundless to help isolate issues outside of the game. Boundless is extremely complicated and it’s often much harder to workout what an issue is from within the game. The diagnostic tool will allow the user to run some simple tests that will hopefully help them resolve some standard problems, for example not being able to connect to the game servers.

  3. Improving the robustness of the game in response to imperfect (standard) network connections.

Please follow this thread and the next set of releases for notifications of any changes.

Update 1:

If you have been experiencing persistent or intermittent latency issues with Release 149 or Release 150.x on Windows then please consider trying a special Steam Beta we’ve published. This can be accessed with the password: SXG7buBiOohbTjQr3nz6

This version is compatible with the latest 150.x Live releases and is only available for Windows.

Please report what effect this has on your playing experience.

Please point players reporting latency issues to this post.

Original post:

Many players have been reporting persistent latency, rubber banding, lag, and networking issues since the Release 149.

This is our #1 priority to resolve and we’re working hard on it. It’s proving tricky to track down as we’ve not been able to reproduce it internally. However, we think we may have finally found a way to trigger something that seems similar to some reports from players.

A few comments to help inform players about what is happening:

  1. If the game does display the red “SLOW NETWORK” message - then the game will be unplayable. The game should really kick players that are experiencing this level of latency. If you keep trying to play it will not help. It would be best to stop giving the game inputs and wait to see if the connection will recover.

  2. If you do consistently get this message then please:

  1. If you normally play via Wireless then try a Wired connection and let us know if this helps.

Thanks for your patience whilst we work this out.


Original post updated with details of a Steam Beta build to try.

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Appreciate the effort guys but I’m on a Mac so I can’t test this I’m afraid.

FYI there’s an issue with the beta branch @james mentions, I’ll post when it’s fixed (20 mins or so)

Ok the beta branch should now be working.

Is it still Windows only?

This testing build is Windows only.

Are you having latency issues on OSX? Can you share a screenshot with the debug information displayed?

Added Update 2 to the OP.

Seeing that there are lacking in feedbacks, I’ve decided to give this networktest a try.

Background: I’ve been lagging ever since I bought this game with only a few fortunate times where it is playable (I guess right around Testing 28. Sorry not been playing enough to notice when it started to lag again.)

Result: Unfortunately, I’m still lagging again right after I enter the portal with around 2k-4k ms. I’ll provide an answer on the below thread to give more details on my connection if that would make things more orderly.

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Bump: Updated OP for Release of 151.

I have also lag.
The thing is, this game’s netcode is bandwidth hungry and is doing a steady 400kbit download stream (which should not be a problem as packet drops are only if a line saturates). For people like myself who are not fortunate enough the line speed is low. I have roughly 3Mbit/s downlink and about the same uplink. Boundless is the only game I really have lag issues due to the way they sync the chunks. Go try other voxel games and they work without a problem. As long they do not change the way they handle chunk update/loading/syncing with the server, this game will be a no go for us low bandwidth people.
I really do hope they get the netcode/chunk_handler right.

They should ask people what bandwidth they have and they will quickly see that it is the low bandwidth people that have those issues.
Maybe they could integrate a bandwidth setting for the chunk syncs so that the line does not get saturated.

Maybe this explains a bit.

Best regards,


I think there’s another problem with lags/rubberbanding. I’m currently unable to play even if i got a 40Mbit/s connection. It’s been like that since release 149 and i’m patiently waiting for something to come out. By the way when i play in the test server, all is working great, maybe you could give it a try and confirm if it’s the same for you.
I haven’t been able to play since the 23rd of december.

I tried it on the test server and for me it is behaving exactly the same.
The test server has worse latency for my location than the Prod one (approx 3 times worse 100 ms vs 23 ms on prod)
To me it seems there are load spikes that saturate the line and therefore produce latency and the so called rubber-banding occurs. I even have non-registered hits so that i have to hit 1 more time on the same block as usual to break it.
I cannot tell why it is doing it for you with 40Mbit/s, btw. I monitor roughly downlink, not uplink and cannot see spikes. So it may still be that the uplink gets saturated which in turn would have the same outcome -> latency.
Just a guess. You could install an ethernet monitor or sniffer to see if there is a problem with the uplink or downlink bandwidth resp. if there is packet loss and retransmission of packets(if its not udp).
So far, the problem for my low bandwidth stays the same as I have to wait over 1 minute as soon the new chunks start downloading if i go in 1 direction. I could decrease this wait time by decreasing the viewrange of the chunks, true.
But as said before, many other games work without a problem with my connection.


@Kueder Thanks for the details. I’ve covered in the original post an overview of our ongoing investigation into making the game work on suitable connections, which yours clearly is.

Have confidence we’re working on it, and it’s helpful to hear reports of how each little update + test works for you. We appreciate your patience and support whilst we get this resolved.

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stumbled upon this late and about to sleepy
but will try


@James I have faith in Boundless and the Devs behind the scene :slight_smile: I know you are doing a tremendous job , so keep it up .
It’s so easy to criticize and I try to be as constructive as I can :wink:


Did a retesting with the latest update. Thanks to the update#4 on the OP and Keuder’s input, things seems to get more clear for me now.


  • Upon entering the portal, I had the expected ~3kms and monitored that my download bandwidth is getting saturated (~450kbps).
  • After around a minute of idling I believe, high latency notif is now gone and is now playable. (consumes at a stable 40kbps)
  • Running around indeed triggered the mentioned “chunk downloads” where I have to stay put again to stabilize the connection (~1 min).

Live version:

  • Similar behavior with networktest with the exception I guess of how/when high latency occurs.
  • Chunk download seems to get trigger earlier compared to networktest (i.e. fewer blocks to run before high latency occurs)
  • In line with first point, to be fair, connection seems to have stabilize faster compared to networktest.

I actually forgot to monitor my upload speed while doing this test.I’ll try to check if needed.

PS: Died to a spitter while doing this. Who would have thought running around like a maniac to start lagging is a good idea right? :sweat_smile:

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Ping - Pong - Updated OP for Update 5 and Update 6.


Knowing that I’m below the minimum network specs requirement (:frowning:) , I hope this response still holds value.


  • Still getting saturated on all chunk download speed settings

I guess I’ll hold off for future latency testings for now. They might be inconclusive.