Weekly Dev Update: 2017 January 27th: More Warps, More Grapples!

This week we released Testing 32 and then Live Release 153. These contain a small collection of features, most significantly support for intra-world warping. You can now easily go home after a long journey in the same world but at a financial cost. The releases also contained updates to the network libraries and made some changes to tackle the lagging issue. Please try setting the latency limit and letting us know how this performs for you. There are more details about the bandwidth requirements in this FAQ entry.

Next week, we are targeting to update the game with the following:

  • Further tweaks and bug fixes to the grapple.
  • Location markers and HUD navigation so that you can easily mark places visited whilst traveling.
  • Further visual / usability improvements to the compass.
  • Tweaked 3rd person tool/weapon animations
  • Additional features added to warps.

Next month, you’ll start to see the following:

  • Start of 1.0 GUI skinning.
  • Player progression improvements
  • Roadrunners in the game.
  • Improved creature combat, AI and animation.
  • Portal crafting

This week we’ve updated the game to v153. There is still some work ongoing on the Grapple to fix issues, such as it not always attaching when it impacts and improving the prediction logic.

The HUD has had the Landmark feature added, to allow you to select a Location to go to and then see the marker on the Compass and in world when near by. We continue to optimize the GUI and HUD to remove the choppiness when it changes.

The Warps and Portal dynamic costs have been updated so it will depend on the number of planet hops involved. The player created Portal work is in progress.

In the back end we’ve update the network libraries and reworked how it is polled to help address some of the lag issues people are experiencing. We’ve also continued work on bot testing for server stress testing and the database deployment.

This week @olliepurkiss has been mainly working on planning out the future large milestones for Boundless (using his favourite piece of software: Hansoft :thumbsdown:). He has also started some work on balancing the grapples, although that hasn’t made it into the game yet.

Rob has been carrying on with work on the Guilds screens, and started on the intro flow to the game.

@luke-turbulenz has been focused on the beginning of the game, as well as the objectives and how they affect progression.

The art team has been busy supporting this week’s release with the new grapple and VFX.

Creature concepting has continued with the giant worm’s larval stage: the dreaded Block Parasite.

Dom’s been working on a scalable explosion system. Here’s his exploding ice shard test for the Chill elemental effect. This is black and white but will be coloured blue:

@jesshyland has completed Hunter tier 2. Here’s a WIP image. You can see the bigger head and the beginning spread of armour down the arms and tail.

She also made a new shard base item. They will be used as part of the Portal system



im really hype for the player portals and the new travel costs. distance based cost is a great idea, i like it!

was recently wondering about the roadrunners

and as for the ice effect, it looks really good white! ice is white too not just blue so imo that looks pretty darn good already. i like how the pieces shatter and fall into bits. BITS!

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Will the shards be available on starter worlds?

Looks like it’s been an exceptionally productive week at Wonderstruck HQ. My thanks to all of @Wonderstruck!

I am dying to know more about guild functions! I’d offer a small wealth of ill-begotten souls for additional details on this one… :shard::shard::shard:

Wait wait WAIT. This is a LARVAL state? Some how I seem to have not caught that in the original post. That’s… terrifying. I love it!

@jesshyland those warp shards look fantastic! I am definitely looking forward to seeing them in game. Will they be animated? I imagine a slight bobbing motion up and down as they ignore the laws of physics. Maybe even an otherworldly glow from distant stars.


Ha Ha, that’s my castle! Sweet!


@Havok40k Like all items in the world, the shards will bob up and down and gently rotate while on the ground. As for glowing… well, let’s just say I have Plans for their final look.