Testing 30: Smart Stacking 2.0 and Combat Log

This update is accessible via the Steam Beta “testing” release of Boundless.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.


This Testing release contains a full refactoring of the Smart (sic.) Stacking system. The original implementation has caused many client and server crashes, and GUI glitches. We concluded that instead of constantly patching the original system it required a full overhaul. This release contains the first release of this overhaul. Hopefully it’ll be much more stable and all Smart Stacks will work as expected throughout the entire GUI.

Release Notes:

  • Art + Animation + Assets:
    • Added machine animations for workbench, workbench rotator, workbench input, refinery rotator, extractor rotator and extractor input.
    • Fix black plants on some worlds.
    • Fix ink, fiber and cloth not inheriting colours from ingredients.
  • GUI + HUD:
    • Added combat log first state.
    • Inventory tooltips now give a preview of what action will occur between the held item and the hovered item.
    • Refactored inventory API and Smart Stacking code to make it less fragile for fixes and additions.
    • Support for using Smart Stacks in plinths, machines and furnaces.

Resolved Known Issues:

The following items were known issues in previous releases and have now been resolved.

  • Cannot smart stack walls.

Known Issues:

The following items are known issues in this release.

  • [NEW] Buying plinth not displaying items on top.
  • Shift-clicking an item from the selling plinth will show odd numbers and will not always go in the shopping basket.
  • Shift-clicking and dragging on the coin icons from within the trading menus may cause a crash.
  • Some interactive blocks (crafting table, machine, beacon control) have become corrupted during the migration. This will result in at best those blocks not being able to be interacted with, at worst the game crashing when interacting with those blocks. To fix the issue the block(s) in question need to be re-placed. In the case of anything other than a beacon control the block can simply be broken, picked up, and then re-placed. In the case of a beacon control this will work, although it would result in all the plots having to be re-placed one at a time and during that process the contents being unprotected. A better workaround for a beacon control is to craft a new beacon control, place that, and then break the old one, which will keep the beacon’s plots placed throughout the process.
  • Some of the items are not positioned in the hand correctly when the players are seen in 3rd person view.
  • Some of the items displayed in the inventory screen are not positioned correctly.
  • The recipes are not final.
  • Z-fighting with some items (workbench and other machines) when placed underwater.

Amazing! Will give it a test.

Hope this won’t require a world wipe to update the live servers? I’m sure we’d all love you if you could migrate the old smart stacks to the new ones :slight_smile:

The testing worlds that are online currently are separate from the live game. What you do in one has no impact on the other, and they are both online simultaneously.

Nice! Also, that armor is looking good

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Yes I know :slight_smile: but the live world has to be updated with these changes, they aren’t going to just try the code and throw it away :stuck_out_tongue:

Our old smart stacks may not be straight forward to migrate to the new code.

I would imagine they would be migrated “as-is” and you needing to manually stack the previous different items back into a stack.

That is an assumption though, so don’t quote me on it :wink: