HELP! Help us find a Machine Floor!


Hey Everyone.

We’re in the process of updating the Boundless trailer to capture everything that we’ve collectively achieved in the past 18 months: features, builds, worlds, hunts, EVERYTHING! This will include all the latest features but also some of the best player made beacons, environments and settlements.

But we need your help! So please HELP!!

We want to capture some footage of a “Machine Floor”.

Basically an environment or space that includes a full spectrum of the crafting machines with power coils and spark generators, and plenty of storage. Ideally the environment would have some interesting layout, creative building, lighting and chiselling. Basically lots of machines looking awesome, deep and complex.

Do you have a really cool machine floor? Do you know of one?

If so please share a few screenshots, the world and coordinates so that we can check it out.

Fame awaits!

Announcement: Boundless to be published by Square Enix Collective



For this, the Blackstone Citadel workshop would look amazing! I’ll post coords tonight.


I got a decent area I can post pics of. But also @Simoyd work shop is epic.


I once saw The Hive’s machine floor/area, it was amazing!


I’ll try to finish mine up this week and post it


The basement of my main house in Anoobis on Septerfon has a fairly decent machine room… (primed and ready for a full compliment of forges and advanced forge power coils!)


It does look pretty awesome :wink:


Left side

Right side



-270N, -1164E Alt 120 Vulpto


portal layout and leaf landing pad design are both Works In Progress! :stuck_out_tongue:


You should check out Virresss crafting building by Hunter’s Courtyard on Munteen.


The storage area over there is pretty awesome too, with signage and full of goodies


Its not as funky as the Other Builds, but i’d be proud to be in the Trailer with the Public Factory :slight_smile:

Its on Therka 1,196N -1,306E Alt:66


cough @Gorillastomp cough

(Best Factory I’ve ever seen.)


There’s always the hive machine area… @amandapan?


I can sign that, his Machines look like Spaceships O_o


Settlement of Moria; Crater Halls beacon: - Therka -564 NORTH, 180 EAST, ALT. 148

My power House:

3 floors of powered machines:

On the roof:

Storage also arranged on few levels:


Not mine, but looks awesome. Don’t know the owner.


Maybe not as nice as others but hers mine workshop :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Therka Hash Village

257N 404E alt 167