HELP! Help us find a Machine Floor!


coordinates you guys! lol the devs can’t look at these without coordinates… they have no idea where so and so’s settlement or the chisel bro hub is (fictitious example)…
they get everywhere by teleporting to coordinates :wink:


I feel bad for whoever it is though, now they have to redesign the whole place for the centraforge! :joy: :woman_facepalming:


My Eden workshop after it was redone due to the mesh limit issue. Unfortunately, my village Eden has been deconstructed and not able to be part of the new trailer video, but I hope this would be considered…

There is more to show beyond the screenshots, but this gives the overall feel. It also includes a vault and separate sections for different types of crafting.

Berlyn - 1040N, 1480E


This is a pragmatist’s workplace(Me)
Although not beautiful enough, but it’s practical

Berlyn -1670N 564E(86A)





The Miner’s Power Station. Hash Village’s Power Station

Therka: 235N, 619E alt: 9


Aquatopia - Fountain Square
Solum +536N +760E


is there a cut-off date for this? I didn’t get as much done with my factory this weekend as I wanted :frowning:


All aesthetics aside, I’m kinda amazed looking at people’s workspaces and seeing the endless stacks of… well, everything that they own. I don’t think I have more than one smart stack of anything but grass seeds and metamorphic rock.

I’m waiting for the day that someone builds an entire city out of just Wildstock Eyes.


Elsewhere I wrote:

Nice idea, I’d love more lighting options. The lighting (/gleam) is in my top 5 reasons I’m still playing.

I love it! With that in mind, I’ll share my new workshop. I don’t expect it to make the cut but I enjoy how it looks at least so here we are.

My first base after joining was a real mess of experiments. It’s dismantled now, for two major reasons - 1) I disliked having to wait for nightfall to see the shiny things and 2) the machine room was a cluttered mess. Unplanned spark lines, messy expansions and cramming power coils wherever they’d fit. The place was just all wrong and something had to change, so I moved to Munteen¹ and fixed both my irritations with my home:

Coming down the stairs.

This pops in once you get half way down the stairs, like a flickering neon sign. I made sure the distance was just right. :slight_smile:

The view back to the stairs.

Behind the scenes.

The understairs cooking station.

I like it but I’m still not sure if I preferred it in almost absolute darkness without the machine-themed torches. The neon sign stood out more then.

Edit: If I had been playing longer and had more riches, it’d all be compact hard coal for the black. Hopefully I can dye these bricks in a future update. (Or we could have inert compact coal recipes that produce decorative blocks that can’t be used as fuel for cheaper input costs, heh.)


¹ coughMORE ATMOSPHERES INFOcough :wink:


hmm, seeing your pics make me feel back in the good old disco times! :smiley:


The beacon is named after my favourite, colourful late night dance arena at a certain world-class festival. :smiley:


Well if its not to late i just finished A new workshop with the forge in mind.

This will be a forge when *someone finally decides to add them :face_with_raised_eyebrow: