HELP! Help us find amazing Builds!

Hey Everyone.

We’re in the process of updating the Boundless trailer to capture everything that we’ve collectively achieved in the past 18 months: features, builds, worlds, hunts, EVERYTHING! This will include all the latest features but also some of the best player made beacons, environments and settlements.

But we need your help! So please HELP!!

We want to capture some footage of amazing “Player Builds”.

We’re looking for anything that you think would be particularly cool or impressive to capture. It could be anything from a small but beautifully sculpted beacon, to an epic city or collective settlement.

What is your favourite build? What have you seen in Boundless that made you go “wow!”

If you have a suggestion please share a few screenshots, the world and coordinates so that we can check it out.

Also, please don’t assume we already know about it. There are so many builds in Boundless and things are constantly changing. If you think something is cool please share it.

Fame awaits!


City of Steam should be at the top of this list, so here it is! I’d especially like to share the Illuminoorti Embassy for reasons of shameless self promotion. I’ll post details as I get free time!


My little town that i started about a few weeka ago so new player know its possible to build up. is DeCuirius found in the Ultima Hub owned by hash feel free to use this area as i am building to it daily :slight_smile:

Planet Therka
Co-ords 1,108 North by -697 East
Planet rank only 13 but getting there (only 3-4 weeks old)

Hive’s plasma/nuclear core in Epsilo
Cuttlepunk Arena in Vulpto
Tower of the sun and moon by @SolFall
There is a mec workshop in Hidden Valley
Atlas in Berlyn
Salty Cuttle in Vulpto
Abyssa (I think) underwater build in Epsilo.
Ronfurer castle in Berlyn.
Elop portas

If someone has the coordinates for some of these places post them! I don’t know them off hand.


Spartan Apella
Spartan Helmet
Spartan Sanctum

City of Steam for sure!
Salty Cuttle…

Therka Market sky view
Aquatopia sky view
Elyria sky view


Parts of Anoobis on Septerfon are ok for viewing. I’ll see how many empty plots I can fill up to flesh it out a little :wink:


Is there a place we can submit footage of stuff were we might have recorded stuff especially if the build is already gone…

I could die happy knowing a clip of the planetary transfer station was in a trailer for the game!


Don’t forget Volantas Insulae on Epsilo.

Mine, and the illuminoorti’s current endeavor :weary:

Progress is slow, but it’s coming along


I don’t know if you are seeking any examples of small and cozy settlements, but if so, I humbly submit my own settlement, Pandora. Looks best at night, I think:

Solum, -1142N 419E
Connected to Portal Seekers player portal


This one wowed me.


Is there a cutoff? I’ll have to finish my castle. D:


What sort of Informational breach is this Sister @SolFall, this breach of information is heresy.

LOL it is looking amazing, props to anyone who knows where it is.

:smirk: gotta create hype for us. :ok_hand:


Hash Village on Therka
257N 404E alt 67

here are some cool build of this community :slight_smile:

and many more cool things :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, a time frame would be really great, @james.

I only have one really finished build, all the others are built and left without any decoration.

If I would know how much time i have, I would decorate the living oort out of them, to make them presentable and amazing.


Hello Dudes and Dudetts,

I recently built the new capital on Vena V.
Its named ‘‘New Village of Cog’’ and Im searching for everyone who would build a part of this future Ringcity.
Location on Vena V - 1.736N 1.188E (106)

I hope you like it.


I like the Kingdom of Cog more cough xDDDDD

Joking, i love Hash’s Stuff :kissing: