HELP! Help us find amazing Builds!


Here are some of my favs:
-628N 660E (106) Therka

-220N -326E (104) Elopor

207N -2066E (74) Epsilo

60N -1474E (68) Berlyn

-1751N -1654E (78) Munteen VII

-951N -372E (89) Solum

-1052N 1294E (70) Solum

(including many of the already mentioned build)


Don’t forget the Totem of Noobishness is in Anoobis. Lol

Still needs the vine wrap.


Lighting Cathedral on Epsilo

-1794N / 1370E

There’s plenty of it still under construction, but I scrambled a little to make the main facade more presentable…



Berlyn 1512N -1521E


I was thinking of posting a picture of my build on here (even though it’s not finished) but after seeing all the amazing stuff everyone else is doing I think I’ll just crawl back under my rock and leave it to the experts :no_mouth:


Seconded for City of Steam. That place is amazing!


the one with the lightning is amazing!!


Thanks, boss. And I’ve gotta say that I’m a big fan of all things Elop Portals… If I had unlimited time and resources, I’d already be trying to tack something on to you guys. As it stands, I’ll probably revisit the idea once I’m done with this beast.


Wow! So many creative, unique and amazing builds!
We would like to submit our tiny place, Neverland.
Solum: -1443, 1,656

Thank you!


Hi all. Here is my humble palace :D. It’s on Therka -947N, -1516E Alt 94.



Elopor -1625n 1166e, just west of portal seekers, past all my gleam builds.

Quite a basic build (not a chisel in sight) but had fun making this one, going free form with some obvious art influences (and my only build not to use any gleam!)…quite cool to jump around in.


Beautiful! It’s very unique too!


I’d like to submit the build I’ve been working on for the last couple months :slight_smile:

Nurastil’s Twilight
-1,125N -241E

Thanks for takin a look!


I would like to nominate @H3yjo 's build on elopor at -2081N -312E
Its one of my faves!

It has a sweet workshop to!

Its just east of my place.


I couldn’t even imagine how amazing it would be to see any of the amazing builds of Boundless in the next trailer. Builds that I’ve seen constructed from amazing players I’ve had the honor to meet. Can’t wait to see what the devs come up with. :blush:


After a tour of the awesome home of @Ingvar that would be my pick. It is amazing! Truly an awesome build!


i would like to submit @Dunedragon burning man ill leave it to dune to post some pics the devs should know where it is (the piramid with an upside down piramid that crashed the server before cuase it was made off meltingpots lol)
also coinfall district by @Wschichl and egypt district by @PharaohNai
it can all be found in the main hub for aquatopia (not the shoppingdistrict hub)


We went by this place during a hunt and everyone admire the creativity! Keep up the god work


Ohhhh, that’s who came by!.. :thinking:

I had about an entire week’s worth of footfall appear in less than a single day, but I never saw who it was so I assumed that it was a band of ninjas. Makes much more sense now.

And glad you folks enjoyed it, of course.


steampunk is definitly in the promovid they wont wonna miss the canon :joy: