HELP! Help us find amazing Builds!


I’m kinda new to the game (started about three weeks ago, tho I did play for about a month a long time ago), and I don’t know if I would call my little house amazing, and it certainly doesn’t quite measure up to the intricate chisel work of some other builds in this topic, but I am pretty happy about how its looking so far. I was just gonna stick to my hidden noob cube but a visit to @RedY3’s place (pictured a few posts back on this topic) pushed me to just go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Entrance at ground level:

Front view:

Grounds view from one of the balconies:

Back view:

If you think it merits a closer look, come by for a visit, I’m in Elopor at 1623N 1919E, altitude 121.

If you’re lazy like me, player portal D2 at the portal seekers hub on Solum leads to my hidden noob cube where I have a portal up to the building site.

Edit: Now also linked to Aquatopia, the portal is at the balcony area upstairs from the main hub fountain. Thanks, @the-moebius, for setting it up so quickly.

Also please forgive the mess inside. I’ve only just finished the outside of the building, still sorting out the interiors (and I still need to add some random bits of tall grass and flowers to the gardens).

Testing 199.1: Hot Fix

Looks amazing!


you are way to humble, that looks really amazing, just wow it looks so good.


You certainly have been busy! I like the use of foliage to help contrast all the brick. I can tell you’ve got some more awesome ideas on the way, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Maybe it’ll insprie me for when I finally move to Elopor!


awesome build awesome mentality :smile: if ya need anything for the build ask me


Thanks. :smiley:

Before the garden (and the third floor greenhouses) it was kinda feeling a bit too cold and stony. I’m intending to use the garden area as the main place for placing portals, hidden in between the columns and amidst the hanging vines and such, like what I’ve done so far with the one portal to my Solum noob cube:

So if I stick to that plan I’ll have room for six 3-wide portals (up to 5 blocks tall) and eight 2-wide portals connecting to the garden gravel paths (if I ever need that many), and they won’t look too out of place. It’s unlikely that I’ll have that many portals up tho, I don’t plan on running a hub, since we have plenty of those already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: and it took this screenshot for me to realize I chiseled one of the columns wrong.


Thanks Moebs! I’ll eventually replace the thatch from the domes with refined gold and when I do, I’ll probably change the red bricks under 'em to compacted copper. Its just about 1500 or so blocks tho, so no worries, I’ll have it gathered in a week or two. :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind having a token for one of the free portals at Aquatopia tho, if there’s any 3x5 ones still availiable. I bought one a while ago but it was invalid since the shape of the portal had changed after the token was made.


yeah tell me your shape ya want reapall is finishing up and remodeling the hub so it would look finsihed :smile:
so any size is good just pm me what you like


this entire area is remodeld and made by @Wschichl its easy findable its beyond fountainsquare shopping portal in the shoppinghub portal coming from aquatopia main hub also the coinfall district portal in main hub he made its all fully finished and nicely designed so i wonna submit him to the dev vidz yay AQUATOPIA (shophub and shopspace)
plus it includes a player fountain buildoff competition display :smile:
also shoppingdistrict main shop area called aquashopping is cool spot since it houses manyshops and portals in a small area owned by many longplaying players and ethousiastic new playerz
it also has two roads with many decorated chambers by even more players :smile:

at the end off all this is a freaking egyptian piramid district with epic statues made by @Swede

then in main hub go to artinstalation portal and feast your eyes uponed
upside down piramids game bigest slide huge tomato pod homes monstertruck burningman windchimes stacked ■■■■■(orbs) epicness all around thanks to @Dunedragon

then we have a new awesome place thats usable the new omnishop project go to shophub in mainhub and ya there
its a completly one themed shop town each building has his own function and stuff it sells its a good piece to show a big project in the half way
phase :smile:

and so much more epicness from even more players
and we all would love to be in the vids devs

la mancha
ilumioorti build
portal seekrs
the hive
hash village
anoobis !!!

#lots to film # @james


“little house” -.-

dude that thing is freaking amazing! how many plots did it take you to make?


Only 368 so far.


one of my first Builds: Nacronis-Home (Build in mid 17)
in Naga-Empire, Therka 1145N 1965E
Portal connection from Moebius Plaza to the Groundfloor




Ground Floor

  1. Floor, machines

2. Floor, storange and free area

3. attic


Her this is powerman669 & CanadianEh. You should definetley check legendville. Beautiful place. And also our underground mining portals (POWERMANS MINING PORTALS). Hope To c u soon.


Umm …I hope you’re not going to be standing around waiting… the post was originally made 8 months ago …


Reapers Respite and The Tower of Power are my builds.


Not going to be in this trailer since that trailer has been released many months ago!

Great builds tho!


Oh well they should make a new video with my builds in it. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is perhaps time indeed for a new trailer with builds in there that actually still exist!


This is a good point!
People usually want to see the stuff that was in the trailers in person, it would be awesome to have an updated one of all the builds that could potentially be there forever!


Wait like 3-4 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Mines just in the beginning lol