Help New Forgers....Share your recipes!

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Many players, like myself, are getting ready to jump into forging with the changes.

I can’t speak for everyone, but, personally, I am completely clueless.

So help us out. Instead of sending us to a link (please don’t do that here) post a simple, step-by-step recipe new forgers can use.

The best way to learn is by doing. So a couple sets of concise instructions will do many of us a solid.

So healing bombs, changing chisels, or just a simple upgrade to a slingbow…share what you’ve got!!


A lot of luck on getting the skills the 1st try. This is the best I have done. Without quirks


Thanks…but I can’t see any if that. The board doesn’t let you expand pics so that’s tiny on a phone. Just a blob of colors, lol.


Changing Chisel:
-Insert Chisel
-Insert 5 Effect Gums
-Insert 3-10 Pure Boon 3
-Retrieve Changer Chisel

Double Dura-Line (Cheaper than 2 gem/titanium tools!)
-Insert tool
-Insert 5 Longevity Gum
-Insert 3 Trait-Reduction Gum
-Insert Pure Boon 3 until out of stability/Vigor
-Retrieve Durable new tool

How everyone enjoying the forge nerf?

You are awesome.


But what happens when you mix them together?!?! Don’t do it!! =P
(j/k… you should totally do that. But you might have to add some goodies in those empty deck slots you have there =P)


This can be done much cheaper!
3 gums is more than enough, if it’s not and you get something else (very low chance), decon resin it (or boon removal 1 until you get it or until it’s gone and try again)
and use one of the cheap boons that adds defect points, 9 times out of 10 there won’t be enough defect points to actually add one to it.
if there is a defect point use that defect removal catalyst, it removes 50% of the defect points, use it until the defect is gone.

Again tho, I’ve done this before the patch, only needed 1 to 3 boon compounds like that, did stacks of 9 at a time and only once out of the 10 times did I have to remove a defect.

Remember if the defect/quirk icons aren’t solid yet they won’t be added when you set it!


Regen / health bombs (50/50 chance)

Special gums to taste (I’m a rebel, i roll max 2)
Boon compound of your choice
Keep going till it’s done

Edit: step 0, insert bomb of choice.
For regen, cheaper bombs are better, for healing you want better (more dmg) bombs. Note that this method is cheap and dirty, not advised for use on expensive bombs if you want to be sure to get healing, Decon resin is your friend.


Nice work @Crete; this is info what manny players are looking for :+1: :grinning:


Biggest tip is watch that stability bar… the first time I forged something I actually got something good… until my stability ran out and I lost everything (I didn’t notice the bar running down) :frowning: We might make this clearer with a dialog telling you the chances of your stability running out if its >0%.

My second tip would be to play around with it on the testing branch first (since you can cheat for all the items there).


You’re a madman!! :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Ohhh, how I wish to be able to use this tip on the PS4, sigh…

Seriously tho, did you guys try to talk to Sony about this? Perhaps you can call it a beta test (an endless one tho, but still)?


What I enjoy is forging iron tools so you can have some cool effects while you’re trying to bust through the mid game grind.


Yea maybe something that isnt testing every patch but just the big ones. No idea if it’s possible/cost effective for ps4 but I’d like to test as well


Dave can you explain what you mean cheat for all the items on testing? Does testing allow us to get resources easier or something?


On the Test server Hit F9, and you can have all the things.

Edit: I didn’t know if there was an experience shortcut tho, so I just leveled my guy to get the Forge skills


I think it’s F9 which brings up a panel that lets you type in the name of which resource you want and quantity and it appears in your inventory. The last time i was in testing it wasn’t working so i’m not sure if you have change anything in settings now for it to be available.

Edit: There was some sort of experience loaf you could get too to level up straight away. Can’t remember the exact name of it though.


lol… doh!


Cheat Skill Loaf :heart_eyes:


That’s simply not true. Tapping the pic expands it and allows you to download it. At which point you can mangle it however you want.