Helpful tips (for a new player)?

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Hey all!

I’ve just recently started playing Boundless and honestly am LOVING it so far. The game is gorgeous, it’s fun, the community on here seems great.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for getting going, or knows a helpful video (I’ve seen a couple that are 1-2 years old but I’m afraid they aren’t as relevant now).

I’ve got my house going, with a little farm, not too far from a city with portals I can use to get around, so more looking for what I should be trying to accomplish now that I’ve sort of settled in.


Looking forward to running into you guys!


You don’t need much else outside of Jiivita.


Yeah, jiviita’s videos on YouTube cover each update and provide really good tutorials for all content in the game.

If you have anything specific in mind, I’m sure the community on here can help answer your questions


So general consensus is Jivita lol

I’ve actually been watching his videos and have already learned way more than I would have by just trial and error (obviously). I wasn’t sure if there was someone else I should be watching or if there was just that one video you may have watched that helped you (happens sometimes).



As others have mentioned, Jiivita’s vids along with the community here will be more than enough. You can also join the discord channels to get pinged for hunts, new exos, announcements, and etc. Good luck!


I believe @majorvex also has some tutorial vids on youtube


The game is constantly getting updated so no video is relevant (by itself) for so long.



Yep Jiivita is basically the go to YouTuber for boundless. His videos are great and probably taught half of us how to play.

I’d highly recommend joining the boundless official discord, it’s linked in game and it’s a great way to stay connected with others as to be honest the in game chat isn’t the greatest.

Besides that Desert Swords and Rosetta Nox. Swing a tool at these plants whenever you pass one by. The inky and fibrous leaves as well as the spicy beans you get are always in demand. Find some request basket locations nearby and sell to them.

And with your money don’t be afraid to buy things, you have the luxury of being able to buy what a lot of us early players had to spend weeks gathering and crafting but are now in every second shop for very low prices. So if you find yourself hitting a barrier to get to the next level of metals or the next machine you need for instance, don’t be afraid to buy it. Getting familiar with the economy helps overcome any barrier.



I actually have quite a few of these nearby. Didn’t know they could be particularly useful. Thanks!

Also thanks everyone else for the tips! Already learned some new stuff from this thread.


Don’t be afraid to travel as far from your base as you want or getting lost in the portal networks because you can always return to Sanctum and then portal home for free.
If you ever get stuck/lost in a cave system or deep hole just dig into the side by a few blocks but only 2 blocks high and return to Sanctum, the portal will then bump you to the surface (or next large opening/cave above).
Save/hoard everything because it will all have a use at some point.
If you’re struggling to kill wildstock for bones etc then just hang around near a herd of them by the waters edge, they love to swim but don’t know how to, it won’t be long before your just collecting thier remains.


Also if you can get 3 blocks up on a sheer cliff/in a tree you can basically whack them with a totem till they die. Not advisable as a long term carpal-tunnel-friendly method, but it gets you by for a while


My tip would be to come on the big group hunts and dont worry if all you do is grapple yourself up and out of the way.
Everyone gets the same loot from the mobs and from the meteor box so you aren’t taking anything from anyone and the more people that come the bigger the meteors… So no one will begrudge a new player just tagging along.

You’ll get LOTS of creature parts that sell super well and oortstone to fuel portals or sell!

Get yourself a loot stick (a tool forged with autoharvest) and a grapple and you’re good to go!


While Jilvita is good to me he sounds “professional” and I prefer to watch recordings of a average player and see them make mistakes. That is just a personal opinion.

One that I watch all of his videos is @DonBab. He does series for new players and when there are new changes, he starts a new series and follow through. The last one he did was in Feb, right after a update. Don’t know if this link will work, but going to try.

His series is good to watch and he just started a new one of him and his son, Dax, starting a farm, so that is going to be interesting tot watch.

Dad and Dax plays games. type that and add S3 to get the right series. For the new series, S4 for where they are going to do a farm, so far only two, maybe 3 episodes.

I recommend you check him out, you may not like his series, but I think he is worth watching, you get a real person playing the game just as we do and see what to do, not to do and get to laugh with him when he goofs.

Adding: Was trying to put a link to the series, not the actual first episode, so don’t know if it will play or what, but at least you will get a idea of what his series are like. To me, worth watching.


Yep, Vex has great stuff, here is a link to her channel as well - between her, Jiivita, and DonBab there is a TON of helpful stuff, should have about every base covered. :slight_smile:

And welcome, @SatinSphinx!! :smiley:


Make sure you set a beacon as your home portal though, not sure if the first one is home beacon by default or not.


First beacon should auto set to home beacon.


I think it might be in the tutorial, it forces you to set it as home beacon? I think. Otherwise your ‘home’ is wherever you warped to initially out of the sanctum.

Nope, Donbab certainly is correct. I had a chance to make a new character real quick, did the tutorial, dropped a beacon and fueled it, exited to sanctum, checked warp and it auto upgraded itself from the landing site to the home beacon. That makes sense now, previously my alts first beacon would usually die off because of inattention getting through the tutorial. When I’d log on them to play again and create a new beacon, I had to manually set it to home. I don’t remember it always being like that but then again that was a long time ago :sweat_smile:


Which world are you on? I’m sure the community here can point you to some people you can play with or who can help if you have Q’s.

If you happen to be on Trior, come to Autumn Dell and say hi.