Hit Level 1000+

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Start playing from March 2019, here I am now, over 1000 levels. I think i should take a break before I burn myself out …

FYI : Im not the highest one, Hashmalash’s crafter level is around ~ 7000 (1 386 919 991 XP)


Well you got me beat being playing since Sept on Steam release and im only level 472 :P.

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And how many Hours played, if i may ask?

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I don’t remember my level. But I know most people have me beat. I never kept any of my rock. Was all thrown at other people so my levels came from mining and building.

Nice work Dat :grin: congrats

While a truly impressive thing (one that I am nowhere near)…One thing comes to mind…FYI this is meant as a joke and nothing else. That and I do like this song. :grin:


Wow, congrats! :slight_smile: I was actually wondering recently when I leveled up again what the highest anybody has reached was.

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Well done! I’m “only” about to get to 310 or so soon, definitely a feat of persistence and patience to get to 1,000 and over. :smiley:

Not a very fair comment, you don’t know what any person is battling in their life. If someone is happy spending their hours playing a game that makes them happy, let them. Don’t make them feel guilty.

Ps. Well done Dat! Keep up the grind! :heart:


Hmm, full time job working 12hr days check, woman check, dog check, other family obligations check… still 3k hours in game check.


What a totally and unnecessary comment. I have a wife, 2 kids, dogs, family, job etc and I still find more than enough time to play.


I have a job, spouse, a life, hobbies, and I’m a hardcore passionate gamer. Wrong forum to @ gamers in.


Ditto all this! Perfectly possible to have a healthy family life, full-time job and outside hobbies, and still indulge plenty in games. :slight_smile:


You sure know how to strike people down.

I’m sitting here with just a job and yet I find that I still need more time to play the game lol. I respect people who can balance all of that! How does everyone do it o.o

I wish I could have a hyperbolic time chamber for video games.

And one for sleep too.


I have no girl friend, a dog, I have fulltime 10 hours dream job which is perfect for my own. I have no real social activities beside workplaces.
Everyday life of me : wake up -> go to work -> back home to regain HP -> play video games -> sleep. I dont see any bad things on it.
And I have spent 1200 hours in Boundless since.


I’ve actually managed to multitask games and sleep through a night… though that is a long story that involved an accidental double-up on a prescription painkiller… :zipper_mouth_face::rofl:

I’m worried that your job is costing you hp o.o

Are you a vampire’s drink during the evening hours? Or maybe a blood knight?


Oh no, did you do one of those head nods for 15 minutes doubled up with 15 minutes of playing? Or playing in a stupor? I was doing that last night pretty hardcore because I wanted some of that precious rift… and to try to get my character to level 50

Hey, OP, can you donate some levels? lol

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Literally lucid dreaming at times, still somewhat aware but definitely not awake, I settled in to play not realizing what I’d done and the whole night seemed to pass in minutes rather than hours, and next thing I knew it was dawn and I’d taken several characters to the level cap in Diablo 3. :joy: It was mindless enough that I was able to play on pretty much complete autopilot. I’m sure I could do the same in Boundless mining and all but I’ll try not to make that mistake again!