How Can I Decrease Portal Loading Times?

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Very often when I wait at a portal it literally does nothing. I think I’m probably right in assuming that this is something that I’ve set up badly in my settings, and just wondered what the optimum way to set it up would be.

I have a fairly decent ping of around 9-12ms, no dips, 60-65Mb downstream, around 15-18Mb upstream.

In the Network Settings I have:
Chunk Download Rate - MAX
Chunk Cache Size - 8GB
Pause Inputs on Lost Connection - OFF

I only ever really get the bad connection thing when I’m on a US server, and even then only briefly.

I’ve looked around and couldn’t find anything definitive on this.

Anyway … I’m on a UK IP, and a UK DNS, but I can change the DNS, I’m not mad enough to VPN for the game.

I think a HUGE thing is that I have zero idea what CHUNK means. :laughing:

Are you speaking of the portal in the sanctum? or all portals?

he mean both…

happend to me too… but not very much

maybe 1 of 100
but, without showing a bad connection

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wot he sed :slight_smile:

have you tried playing with the settings
Graphics -> Maximum Open Portals
Graphics -> Maximum Rendered Portals

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Hrmm… Personally, I’d prefer decreasing portal loading times over increasing them? :bat: :zipper_mouth_face:

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What on earth could you mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I often forget these days…


Anyhow …

Pedants’ Corner is over there!

The Pedantic Society’s Gathering Place is over there!

( in fairness to my ADHD I’d got distracted and meant to refer to the speed, but that sounds like political wrangling … either way … I made that gravest of errors … a grandma and splolling mstaek online. :smirk: )

is your crosshair directly on the portal?

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And I call it the “Angry Hair” …

Anyway, it just stays at a certain (usually quite low) percentage of the loading bar and then waits for about a bazillion years before going … OH YOU’RE STILL HERE!!! OK THEN!

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Sometimes if a portal is being bad it helps to load a different portal then go back to the one you wanted


Oh! … I feel like I might have been doing this, subconsciously.

I’m going to consciously try to do that and report back. Cheers, Punch! :slight_smile:

Stare deeply into the abyss…until it stares back at you.

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Yeah, I got you. I was just goofing around; didn’t intend to insult or annoy. Pendantic tho, that’s a new one for me. Never been called that one before, but like most of my monikers… I suppose I earned it! Thanks! :kissing_heart:

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did you mean maybe this problem ?


It’s OK, I was just goofing around, too! :crazy_face:

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Yep, that’s the bunny … except it’s happening on all portals.

Also … when I open LOTS of portals … it literally degrades my network performance in game … am I going mad?

Not a bump.

Just to say, I’ve tried reducing the render (etc) stuff on the other side of portals … still nothing.

I’m EU, mostly (I think) accessing EU areas … but I can’t be sure of that 100%.