How did you find Boundless (Oort Online)?

I thought it would be interesting to see how everyone found the game.

I found it on twitter. AlwaysGeeky tweeted about the game and I took a look at it. So I basically found the game the day it got announced. But I didn’t buy it before a few weeks later.

So, how did you find it?

Random ads. the reason i down remove them, i found it 3 or 4 days after entering prealpha i think and then got it and think i bought it 1 or 2 weeks after it went into prealpha.

Started making it.


A german youtuber (Zombey) made a video about it :smiley:

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Oh god, that is possibly the best answer in the forums

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Hahahaha, omg,

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I think it was recommended to me on Steam, though I can’t quite remember. "oTL

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A friend of mine suggested Minecraft to me - I tried it out and absolutely loved it. But we were the same opinion that this type of game should be more lively, magical and beautiful. So I researched on the web if there was a similar game, only more beautiful, and found Oort on a German game magazine website. Since then I have been faithful to Oort, although I don’t play a lot yet.

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Steam dangled it in front of me like a strip of bacon till I gave in … :grin:


I found link on czech forum about games as a promising looking kickstarter. I clicked it…and I loved it a second later :smile:

Told the team to start marking it … :wink:


If you guys get the time can you make a video to show a round in the office and introduce the people on the team, their name, what they do on the team and if they have worked on some other games before joining you guys.

its really confusing to figure out who does what of you guys xD


Sure, I think we can do that.

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awesome. will look forward to it. i think most gamers are afraid of devs in general ,because most seems so distant and seem to watch them as some sort of higher power that you dont argue with about the game.

it will prob help to show that you guys are completely down to earth people who make games because you want to. not just to make a cash grap.


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