How long do you wait for a response to your emails

Is it normal for a business to take over 7 days to respond to an account question? How long do you usually wait for someone to answer back?

The normal thing is that if it is a problem that prevents you from playing, it is something that should be corrected as soon as possible. But it seems that only users who have spent a lot of money are served, others do not care much.

If they don’t answer you, insist as much as you can and with any means, twitter, email, tickets, forum, etc …

I hope they solve your problem!

@ardele. They are, unfortunately, BARELY supporting this game. All of the developers, save 1-3 at most, are on Baldur’s Gate 3 via Larian Studios. Boundless is on life support and the devs communication, which has deteriorated over the years, is at an all-time low.

Actually, you might have a better chance of getting a hold of James directly if you message him directly.

Coming from 8+ years of working in a Fortune 500 company…going straight to the CEO/President was engraved into our culture as going outside the boundaries…

I’ve waited 4+ years so whats another 4 years for some rewards :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at the devs list and on this forum and apparently 4 of them have been on here at different moments in the past 8h.
You might want to try sending PM directed to James and Leah

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Yeah, I’m much the same, I try to avoid going to the top as well - for here though, you can try sending a PM to Leah, she is a complete sweetheart and might be able to direct whatever you’re needing addressed to the correct person there. :slight_smile:


We already did the math on this in another thread. At most they have 1-3 devs working on Boundless and it’s possible they have none actively working on it at this time.

What thread was that math done on? Also, that looks like about the number of devs I would estimate have been on the project since launch, so really the dev velocity should be about the same as its been since then.

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Just so those following actually have an update.

The email to turbulenz sent on June 6th, 2021 has yet to receive a response.
DM’d Leah Lemoncakes yesterday, no response.

Requested for the 6 month gleam club subscription to be refunded.

At this time I am considering removing the game from my steam account by this friday.

I would suspect going to James Is the answer here, seeing as he is the person responding to almost all support requests.

In terms of GC refund, not sure you’d get far with that other than approaching your bank/credit card company.

Man if boundless development was a boyfriend…

he doesnt return my calls.
he doesn’t give me the support i need.
he doesn’t update me when we have been out of touch for long.
i think he is seeing other games…

How long do i wait to call it off with him…

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Doing a chargeback can have negative ramifications, so leave this as a last resort - especially since it sounds like that would be against Steam, not Wonderstruck. Some companies will stop doing business with you if you do chargebacks. I don’t know the Steam policy on this.

If the GC purchase is through Steam, you should contact their support before going through with a chargeback request. Note, though, that Steam seems to think 14 days is the return policy for DLC, but I don’t know how the weird DLC/subscription thing Boundless does will work for that.

Im Pretty sure they dont refund ingame purchase. Wich GC is.
Sure you pay with steam wallet but i doubt that matters

contact steam support and state you are having issues with the game developer supporting your purchase. they take that sort of stuff seriously and will reach out to the devs

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GC is probably flagged as consumable which means that Steam won’t refund it. :slight_smile:

probably cant get a refund but steam will at least contact wonderstruck to ask about the support request.

Yeah, it’s flagged as not refundable through Steam.


I still think it’s wise to reach out to them before requesting a chargeback, if only to get Steam to question Wonderstruck about it as Xyberviri says.

Well its done.

@moderators Could you close this thread please. Its evident I won’t get the answers I am looking for from the Development team. Game removed from my account and will take this through other channels that are not as open.

Well I guess that’s that then. Not as though it was the first option explored.