How many sections is your storage divided into?

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I cleared out an area and am working on putting in a floor - but don’t really have an idea how I’m going to sort all of my stuff. I have one hundred 22x22 areas boxed off - Looking for ideas how to set up my storage :blush:

If you have a good spread or know of some areas that are laid out very well let me know!


Well i DID like my color storage layout and basically did one for each type of block which is technically still a WIP I separated each color by ID (1-255).

After creating my shop in DK Mall I think I much prefer separating it by color then by sub colors. As in Azure section … then Bright…Cool…etc.

This way seems to achieve ehat I want better and I dont have to go look up the color ID …granted I have moat memorized now.

I can post pics later.

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I usually did (between storages atm) store it by activity hunt, gather, craft, mine (biggest storage for all the rock), dig, lumber, and on.

Layout I usually went for was all the crafted (start to end) where close to the machines,
Mine, lumber, dig storage almost the same size as my machine room. And everything els had its place in a storage behind the “machine storage”.

Don’t have pictures anymore. Seeing it has been a bit more then 1,5y when i had a fully functional storage :wink:.
Till now i have been just dumping in random chests :wink:.

Future storage probably won’t have the mine/lumber/dig resources included. As im planning to build kind of like a “storage shop” for all those blocks kind of like an exchange shop.


My storage is easy! Still in my beacon claim :frowning:

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Hmm that chest is full… “plops down an other chest”…
Where did i put that… “checking 100 chest (give or take)”…
Must have ran out of those mats… 2days later ohhhw here did i drop those mats…

Randomly dumping is a nightmare but still keep doing it….

Still remember when i was on antar and i had a functional storage :grin: couldn’t find didly skwat either as i just dumped randomly in my storage to make room in my inventory…:joy::rofl::joy:

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I store my couple million rocks in the reclaim…
They get color sorted automatically.


My personal storage is laid out like this …

My color storage is broken out into a hub according to block types like this

Then each section is setup by ID like this

I like the layout for colors in my concrete shop better…


I have 3x3 storages dedicated to each specific color and grouped together by their main color. I.e. groups of yellow, magenta etc.

Each hallway is 3-4 color groups and beside each color is a stack of 3 gleam blocks representing the color. Ill add pictures later.

Unfortunately it got tedious to build so its gone unfinished.

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I have 4 different storage areas.

First is crafting mats

Second is building mats, broken down into the 31 broad colours sections (don’t have the patience to break it down any further :sweat_smile: but hats off to those who do!)

Third is a collection of building mats to be used in a particular type of build (eg. a range of orange, red blocks along with metal, foliage etc)

Fourth is a a 4 beacon reclaim site that I can dump used, mined or crafted stuff…can just reclaim one beacon that has gleam/glass in it, for example, while leaving animal mats in another reclaim area for a rainy day.

My building mat storage area also has a beacon by each colour so can quickly extract and deposit those colours from a reclaim.


For stuff storage, I have a series of dump areas like this

They are filled so you interact with the middle block in the lighter colored section and can indiscriminately dump stuff in. If a stack fills up, move it into your inventory and then put it on top to sort into deep storage later. My wife and I share this, so the stuff in the “to be stored” section is from her recent hunts.

Here is deep storage.

Each corner of the central storage block is associated with a color of chest there, so you can see the section with three light green chests is because I have too much tallow.
If I have more than 3 gleam chests of something in this section, I will probably sell the extra, but it’s also practical to expand storage here.

My color storage isn’t done, but it’s organized vertically into floors for color groups.

Grapple up inside the trunk of the tree to get up to a color floor.

From there, it’s organized by specific color.

Each color has two of the chest storages and one misc storage associated with it

This should be enough storage for most things, but the tree is designed so it’s possible to add more branches relatively easily, so if there is a color that we have some insane amount of, we can probably just knock out one of those vertical dividers to expand, or we could make an additional branch somewhere else and just leave a sign with directions.


I like the idea of by activity, i have my color storage sorted this is manily for my tools/gear, spare machines/utility blocks, animal drops, crafting ingredients, and such.

I’d like to come check this part out if it is open to the public!

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3 & 4 are great ideas! I use a lot of the same common blocks in a lot of my builds and it would be nice to have them stored in their own area. And I’m gonna have to dedicate part of one of the 22 X 22 areas into a single open/reclaim plot and the rest of that space dump chests/storage blocks for easier transfer.

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I’m sort of like a squirrel - forget where 90% of the stuff I stashed actually is. :flushed: It is scattered over three planets and two accounts.

Here are some of my Raxxa rooms, however - I’m fond of the rainbow motif. :slight_smile:


It is … it’s a little tricky to get to until we get our guild hub is done… but …

TNT Mega > TNT Black and Blue Farms > Laryagar > Color Storage > Redlotus …

That’s my base and you can wander around most of the storage is up on the 2nd and 3rd floors

Yup im grouping the colors together beacuse i don’t like the idea of running around to compare the different yellows if its ordered by id.

My color storage is just for blocks though. Rocks, foliage, wood, gleam and their following craftables. Anything else will get its own rooms. Such as food being kept in an ice room so it stays ‘fresh’ or tools getting to be in a display storage room for easy access.


I like that :grin::wink:

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Personally, I use creative (and boundlessinfo) to experiment with colors and then go to storage to check if I have the color.

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Personally I like to try and compact everything as much as possible (use a lot of big chests and few shelves) so that when it is time to craft, all my items, even though I have a lot of them, are within a 15 second walk from my workshop.

Is this your base? Looks nice. Is It a tree?

Had to ask as i see trunks… I like trunks… Im a simple man.

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Yeah, I still need to do about 22 more branches and then put up foliage, but the tree is at TNT Raxxa -> Serenity Circle (WNW). Once you get through the portal, turn around.