How to rotate all those blocks with patterns

Is there a tool or a way to rotate all those rocks, stones and wood so I can match pattern? Sometimes i have to build extra blocks so I can place others correctly and then remove all those extra blocks I placed :frowning:

i wish…
but apparently it will cause “millions” of new block states or whatever :roll_eyes:

I place extra blocks to get the correct rotation as well. And there is no tool to rotate them after placement. Also some rotations are not possible at all.

If I understand correctly all rotations and chisel variations are actually unique blocks. So in order to add a complete set of variations it would take a huge amount of extra blocks, as ctrl-64 mentioned.

In most cases the available blocks are more than enough.


I dont ask for adding unavailable combinations, just let me rotate the way so i don’t need to add extra blocks :slight_smile: simple QOL :wink:

What I mean, a tool, that rotates through only possible combinations.

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This other thread is not the same thing, but somewhat related. I would like both of these. Placing extra blocks to do stuff is annoying.

Yes, I would like that very much as well. As long as it is implemented in a good way. I.e. faster than placing extra blocks to get the correct orientation.

Sometimes the issue is not speed, but access. .it can be very hard to get all the blocks the way you want in a tight space. . a chisel or other tool to rotate them (like they can a machine) would be great.


True. As long as the current system is unchanged, an additional tool would not interfere for those who like it the way it is either.


I would agree leave the current system for the initial placement. . if you want to make and use the tool it is an option.


I love options! :smiley:

unfortunately it will not help the current situaation but there was a time a few patches ago where some kind of chisle? would allow us to rotate blocks (it was a skill)

but yes we deffinately need this feature back @james maybe an actually Block Rotation tool would be good?

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yeah!! block rotation boon! :heart_eyes:

I think that James or some other dev did write about possibility of using light cube for rotating blocks as it has been removed right now from the game.
Tool for rotating block (textures) and canceling chisels would be nice to have, I really don’t like to break same block all the time when I do mistake like that and I do those often :smiley:

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I vote spanner to rotate blocks!

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did this ever get fixed?? I am making a shop and I cant turn the pattern of the wooden blocks for my floor to make sense…

refined twisted wood

apparently it’s because any orientation of block rotation will require another block to be in existence which i think really affects bandwidth or processing or something. not sure why the limitation was there…
I hope that one day we will be able to rotate blocks the way we want them. maybe i’ll start using tiled (bordered) blocks then.
(haha probably not :P)

Yeah that’s not realistic and especially after this long. Its a wood pattern, it can only go 4 directions. north, south, east and west. This shouldn’t be a topic in the threads. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon because new blocks/refinement options are another thing I want to see lol

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So no solution for rotating blocks?

The only solution is to place them the right way the first time around :slight_smile:

For anybody stumbling on this topic, i wrote this a while back:

Essentially there are 4 different directions:
Facing north or south, and placing the block on top or below another block
Facing north or south, and placing the block adjacent to another block
Facing east or west, and placing the block on top or below another block
Facing east or west, and placing the block adjacent to another block

While placing, make sure you look at the green indicator, that’s the one that decides whether you place on top/below or adjacent :slight_smile:

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