How will you spend your points once they change?

So while it may be taking 4 score and 7 seven years, we will eventually get our update. I’ve been thinking about what I’ll do with my 5 toons, and am curious as to what all you folks have planned…

I have my 5 toons split as: Hunter, Miner, Forger, Cook, and Surface Gather/collector of plants/rocks, etc. adding more points to each skill page will allow me to:

Hunter: Expand beyond pure damage and finally experiment with rage/focus, while also taking the revive bonuses to be a better healer. That also means finally putting points in INT to help with said healing…

Miner: I’ll add shadow effect, he don’t need any of that drama, lol. Maybe air jump and/or jump distance for easier navigation. I’ll also max his Zeal, Luck, and Agility. Brews and food last longer, better drops, and I zoom zoom better. Already maxxed for mining otherwise.

Forger: No changes needed, since forging only takes 27 or so points…

Cook: If they split it so I can do brews AND pies, then all of that plz. Also maxxing any other newly split crafting slots. Either way, will add atmospheric protections so he can wander.

Surface Gatherer: He is axe focused for inkys, etc. So I would grab some bonuses in other tools, and also up his protections and health to expand his survivability on higher planets (he’s currently squishier than jello…).

So thats it, would love to hear what you all are going to change!

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I’m just gonna level my main and only use that one

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The only issue I see with going “1 toon does all” is the potential affect it may have on endeavour. With 5 toons, I regularly cap 2500 per week. One toon will max at 500…

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Am I the only one who really dosen’t like that word?

Anyways at this time I really only use 2 Characters, I have my main with 5 skill pages that can do almost everything that I want to do, The skill pages are as follows
Mining//Group Hunt//Fall Damage Tank//Dirt-Gravel-Sand Digging//Crafting

The only thing my alt char doses is combustion/kindling Farming, Which will no longer have a use once the new skill cap changes in the update and I can move that over to my main.

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How much coin does 500 Edeveor give

This is what I came up with when I was playing on the test server. I’ve gained a few levels since then, but the plan is mostly unchanged.

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Fuzzy, Endeavor is one of the currencies needed for giild boons, along with coin. You just doing stuff uou already do while aligned to that guild as main means you’re helping them keep boons up! good stuff :grin:

And Rydr, thats awesome, ty for the pics, cool to see it all in at once! I may not run all 5 “characters” :wink: as much, but can still see at least 2 or 3 perhaps…

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I plan to still use my alts, all this does for me is make it easier to use them.
EternalOortian -build/mine/gather/plot
EternalDarkness -hunter
EternalSanderson -food+ crafter
EternalSmiley -block+ crafting

I forsee this making my alts much more fun to use as i dont need duplicate portions of skill pages. And can keep it all on one page per alt.

“Am I the only one who really dosen’t like that word?”

I read that in the voice of Buzz Lightyear after down 5 shots whiskey. :crazy_face:

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its not as much as you might think

you only need something like 5 or 10 mass crafts of refined rock to get the 500 endeavor, its like almost nothing.

As far as my changes im going to get rid of most of my alts, i dont use them unless i need their skills and i havent done that as much as i needed.

After spending the last couple of years levelling one toon, I’ve now started back on a few of my alt toons (all toons are lvl 50 plus already) purely so I don’t have to do inventory change going from being builder toon to miner toon etc. Aiming to have 1 page of maxed skill points on each toon.
Will now just need devs to introduce the ability to either rename toons or give the toons a secondary title so I can remember what the hell the toons do.


For efficient farming you need 2 skill pages, one for seeding and one for harvesting;)
So probably 3 skill pages together with the “main”


I haven’t plotted it out exactly yet, but really looking forward to having a combined hunter/miner/gatherer. :smiley:

Yes :rofl::rofl:

10 chars

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So I’m double checking with the update we can use all of the epics on one char

Thats my understanding, that along with new epics for swords and shields, they wlll be splitting up most or all of the linked epics…:crossed_fingers:

Energy and Health cannot be used together!


fair enough :rofl:

All of the “this or that” options seem to be related to combat. The goal is to get you to specialize in a specific combat area at least a little. I think that one is supposed to be the choice between having lots of HP or being able to attack more without stopping.

I forgot that we’ll have full protection either way I think it’s a good enough idea now