Hunger when you get epic energy skill

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I tried to search the forum to see if anyone has talked about this or not and I could not find anything special so I decided to open a new topic.
When we level up and spend skill points on “Energy Epic” , Energy is multiplied by 3 , however I feel that hunger (max energy) reduces with 3x speed. When we do activities like moving or jumping or sprinting around, we lose hunger the same % amount we did before “Energy Epic” . I just want to know if this is intentional . Because it is a bit frustrating. You lose max energy the same , but you need to eat more to fill it this time. I hope I was able to describe the problem well . I think it’s better if we lose max energy in specific amount. Not a certain percentage of max energy itself.

To make the problem even more clear , here is an example : without energy epic skill , I run for 6 minutes and I fill max energy with a cooked meat. Now with energy epic skill , I run 6 minutes and I fill max energy with 3 pieces of cooked meat. Is this intentional ? if yes , then I prefer NOT having Energy Epic skill : /


Sorry if I have English mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not my primary language.

I had the same issue. I got the epic energy skill quite early on my progression even before having comfortable supply of food. I always need to do hunting and cooking in between the things that I am doing (building and mining). Not to mention it takes a lot of food to fill up the energy bar. To put it simply, it was a hassle. It will eventually not be a problem once you have good supply of meals with its extended full buff.

But yeah, it would be better if the other activities is not in terms of percentages as it seems to cause unexpected drawback to this skill.


I havebt got the energy epic because i think energy regen is better.

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Exactly. For early game , regen is faaaar better. But nowadays I have started bomb mining and had to increase max energy. Now I always take 200 pieces of meat with me when I go mining :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Stop bomb mining. Problem solved


I have both energy epic and energy regen epic and I’m liking it this way :slight_smile: (though prioritizing energy regen seems to be a better idea in this case)

no the problem isn’t solved.

I noticed this too and it’s a huge bummer. I’m wasting so much more food and then if i die it’s all for nothing. (which is happening way too often)
and no i am not bomb mining nor have i ever (except when someone gave me a bag. and no it’s not my bag. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

but seriously tho this needs to be fixed. I agree with you @No-Face, it’s better without the epic! I was actually going to post a topic about this, thank you for doing so. you explained it just fine!


Yep, feel the same here. Took the energy epic on my lumberjack, now I just spend more time waiting for the bar to refill, then the energy to refill. I think the apparent use of % to drain the max energy should be changed. There’s no point adding Zeal and the Energy Epic 'til much later than it’s available to you as is.

I’m going to switch out the Epic Energy skill after playing this way for a few days to give it a chance. Fast regen is far superior and the food consumption way lower.


Yeah i feel the same when i was using it. have to eat all the time and a lot. Atm i feel not using it is better food wise.

Yeah the degradation of the energy bar due to hunger is way too fast imho and if it’s based off a %… then that unfairly punishes anyone who takes Zeal / energy epic… while running, you literally loos 1 - 2 (1%?) max energy per second to hunger… it’s like driving a car that you can distinctly see the gas gauge plummet during normal use

Maybe all foods should give a secondary buff of “well fed” in addition to there main effect? They could be short term as to not replace the current well fed foods… just enough to give us a break.


yea, it’s been an issue in my eyes too for a while…I’ve been eating foods that give the well fed buff as a workaround for now, but once I get my forge up and running, I’ll be using persisting foods and seeing the drain as well.

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Well, I for one am very thankful for seeing this thread. I started later than all of you guys and I thought that taking more zeal means I could do more stuff longer because of having more energy, but apparently NOT. Having said that, I am in agreement that the current settings as it is does punishes anyone having more zeal than the default and deserves a serious look into it.


Or simply gives us recipe that fill up way more max energy without removing other food buffs.

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I think all stamina max reduction should be numbered values, not %age. It makes having more stamina a pain instead of a blessing and when I’m trained well I could run longer in real life without feeling exausted. stopp this stamina drain madness!!! ^^


Yep . The best way to solve the problem is this solution. Max energy reduction must be numeric value instead of percentage of max energy. I hope devs look into this subject .

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The energy costs should be absolute and not a percentage.

If there is evidence that it’s % based then I imagine it’s a bug.


I think this can be an evidence?

To clear some probable confusion, the energy costs of doing actions is indeed absolute, however, tasks that don’t have explicit cost like running, etc. doesn’t seem to be absolute.


Nooo the well fed buff takes away other buffs, having steak fill u up under a teaching pie without replacing the buff is essential… ps :wink:

It needs to be fixed if it’s a bug then : / Please check it to see if I’m right or not. Meanwhile I will also check it and provide even more accurate information on this matter the next time I log in to the game.