I am in love with this game! If you feel the same SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!


I just noticed that when hulk smashes, his pants disappear!


69 loves so far lol! i had to!


And I ain’t one :joy:


You like! YOU LIKE NOW!!!


:roll_eyes: bob knows my stance. And not like I really said anything negative. So I could say the same to you.


On another note I leave work in 2 hrs and off for 3 days!


Pfft. My weekend started last night cause work pissed me off :joy:. Otherwise it would have started at 6am today


I’ve developed my own Boundless rituals for my weekends, build weekend plans partly around it if I have nothing else going on, like early mornings I like to go off wandering and exploring. :slight_smile:


I run late night hunts on my off days.


Oh god!! Thats true!!


Ok, I’ve got to share this and the Love thread is a good place to do it: someone who I’ve been a fan and follower of for a long time also loves Boundless it turns out, as I learned from a Tweet exchange yesterday: Cobra TV (NMS crowd will be familiar).

Not sure how I missed it but he did some Boundless stuff in the past. He’s expanding more now so naturally, I’m now pestering him to do more Boundless! :smiley: That would be just so awesome… really help share the love if so! This is from back in October but will give you an idea, really cool and entertaining videos-


Well people are always very quick to throw down the negatives and complain, but slow to provide positive feedback (if at all). It is always nice to see a post for something positive just for the sake of it :).


What a troll.


Now let’s all play nice. Dont be like @Orrian :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. All positive comments are welcome. This post is not for debating the game, and not for accusing people of being a certain way. Happy thoughts all.


I like your thinking! :smiley:

Weekend almost here… for many of us, you know what that means - more time to play! :wink:

This next comment might not sound entirely positive, but with regards to the game it is since it shows my passion for it: was thinking on how with the games I love the most like this, while they heal me and give me some times of true happiness, as I mentioned in an above post, at the same time, I recognize that they pull me in so much and that their appeal at times is so more compelling than my reality, that they may also feed some of my self-destructive tendencies. Meaning, the lure is so great, that I can turn my face not only from problems I can’t solve, but possibly ones I could address, and instead flee into the game world. I stick my head in the sand at times… I recognize my weaknesses. That is how in love I am with it though!

Ah, enough introspection for one day… bring on a weekend of Boundless! :wink:


Amen to that


Oh I thought he was talking about you :sweat_smile:


I am a troll…but only to people who friend me…you near a lake or pond?


yeah, but its a bit too much, it burns my eyes.