I dont think this is a bug but il report it enyway

so yeah launched the game to see how and yeah i cant like play it im in sweden on every server it says slow network 40000ms yes 40k ms

but it is a solid 20k always

Same issue here, playing from Russia.
First one or two minutes since server join my latency is absolutely fine (about 100-120 ms), then everything goes crazy (latency increases and stays around 15-30 seconds).

Here is a screenshot with debugging information (not sure if it’ll help, just bought the game and don’t know how can I give you more info on this):

My rig is equipped with i7-2630QM (on High Performance plan, that’s about 2.8 GHz as far as I remember) and Radeon 6770m.
I switched almost all graphics options to low, set FPS cap to 30 and getting stable FPS, so looks like it isn’t a performance issue.

The stable branch is working fine.

Found a post about similar problem:

I’ll try to log into game again, maybe it’ll be gone now.


Logging out for a little bit and then logging back in seems to help the issue. After a while though I’ll start to lag again. Doesn’t seem to be related to other nearby players like I thought.I’m located in the US btw.

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For anyone and everyone having connection issues please follow the instructions in here.

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Playing for about 10 minutes now, everything is fine now.

@james Thanks for the link!
My ping time is about 30-50 to EU servers and 100-200 to US servers (measured in different games).
Ping command output says that my ping to gs-beta.playboundless.com is 130 ms right now (20 packets sent and zero packet loss). My ISP connection is 100 Mbit/s and I’m the only one using it.

By the way, the game looks awesome and runs perfectly - you guys are great :slight_smile:

To confirm: you’re reporting that you have no connection / lag issues at the moment?

Yea, everything is fine for me now, not sure about the OP though.