Testing 22 - Report issues here

Hey @Squidgy, we updated the game today. Please check to see if you can access the inventory screen.



Did you fit a warp ammo on the totem? You then need to point at it to the planet you want to go. This records the coordinates on the planet. Then interact with the warp conduit and warp.

nope i didnt, you can’t use warps at the same world? works only to travel between worlds and not between distances at the same world?

Right now warps/portals on the same world (or two concurrently open warps/portals to distant locations on antoher ‘same’ world) don’t work correctly (the latter being much less likely, whilst the first will always not work) and so is currently disabled. It’s something we plan to fix and then allow so you can warp/portal on the same world too.


Are Ancient Tech Components even in the game yet?

I’m experiencing some pretty horrible lag. Internet connection seems fine as everything else is running nominally. I was fine for most of the day but now the game is just unplayable. Might be related to being near another player?

Edit: logged back in and the player nearby was gone. No lag after that.

I don’t believe so, :confused:

Darn! that’s all that’s left that I require for making power cores :frowning:

Oh you should be able to make power cores. So I must be wrong, they are rare materials so you’ll need to dig pretty deep to find them.

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I’ve tracked down several tech fragments, but never a component. I suppose I must dig deeper or look on other worlds?

Same is happening to me. My latency just dies every time I go near a player


When you’re experiencing connection issues - please follow the instructions here.

I’m getting slow network a lot tonight on TestUS1, can hardly play… I closed the same door 15 times before I quit :wink:

Results from speed tests

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 12, Received = 12, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 108ms, Maximum = 112ms, Average = 109ms


  1. Ok, cool!
  2. When I first created a stone slingbow, I equipped it in my left hand (top-left slot), I then crafted some wood arrows and moved them directly from the workbench onto my slingbow (the one shown in the inventory) to load it. It was then subsequently removed from my left hand equipped slot.
  3. Ace! that’s what I was missing then… I’m still only using a stone hammer at the moment!

Small bug:
When standing within 1 block of a wall, and holding a basic torch, the flame animation on the torch is lost behind the wall… smoke seems to be ok though … until you move even closer to the wall then that disappears too.

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Those Z’s love to fight

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Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 614, Received = 614, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 34ms, Maximum = 59ms, Average = 38ms

So as I was running the ping test, I did a little experimentation and found that the issue seems to be caused by playing in full screen. If I play in window mode instead I’m fine and as soon as I go back to fullscreen the issue starts up again.

What FPS are you getting when the Connection Issue triggers?

@yota No inventory issues anymore! Yay!


I’m not sure if it’s just me (overlooked an option or control), if it’s intended or if it’s a bug. But I can not scroll through all 8 items with my mouse. The cursor always jumps over one item
That means if it points to the top middle slot the next slot after scrolling would be the right or left middle slot. The top right and top left slots are jumped over. Same if it starts in one of the corner slots.
Or in other words, I can only ever scroll through 4 slots. The middle ones or the corner ones.

Also I randomly lose the mouse focus of the game and I have to click into the window again to get it back. Really confusing because I couldn’t reproduce it yet.

The issue seems to have stabilized for now. If it starts up again, I’ll make sure to grab my FPS.

Oops. Server 3 crashed and when I logged back in I was on Server 2 (The other planets look amazing in the sky on this world!)

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