I messed up big time

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus but logged on today planning to renew my gleam club to preserve all my builds, but had to realize that I misread or misinterpreted something about the time remaining. Possibly because last time I logged on I checked a beacon timer rather than the gleam club timer, which was probably off because some of them were fueled manually at some point?

Long story short, I lost all of my precious builds except for my home on Phem and Farm on Antar.

Needless to say I’m devastated. I’m pretty certain there is no way of getting them back, so I guess this is a cautionary tale. I just really wish there was something like a Boundless App which notifies you about beacons and gleam club status or something.


These always make me sad… The good news is that the beacon timers should be correct from now on, the last patch fixed many bugs with the timers. The one below is probably why this happened.


That sucks a lot :frowning:

If that’s the case I’m even more devastated, I thought it was probably my fault.


Man, that’s always rough.

But it’s from the ashes that something new can rise, and i hope for you something even better. And if theres anything that could be done to facilitate that for you don’t hesitate to call on me, or the other members of the community i’m sure.

Technically the timers were correct, they just often didn’t match with your gc timer as they got some extra free fuel. So you had to either check every beacon separately to find out which one expires first, or check the actual gc timer from the gc purchase tab.

True, so it still was my fault, or at least I could have prevented it. But oh well that doesn’t really help me now.

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how its possible you lost all your builds except 2 when gc timer counts same for all your beacons?
im not sure but when you have gc active you cant fuel a beacons right?

I can only imagine how you feel :frowning: I once noticed that my gc had expired and the amount of panic was great since I hadn’t seen a warning anywhere that it was about to happen. I hope none of the beacons on the less used alts expired.

GC probably ran out but the others had been fuelled beforehand. E.g. if they had 1 week fuel beford gc was added, they would have had 1 week of fuel after it expired…i think

This was only ever in the players benefit - so would not have resulted in a beacon expiring earlier than expected.

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If you have (say) 1 weeks GC, you can still add 4 months to the beacon.


Dang it … I wish I could save your builds …

Don’t get me started lol.

I appreciate it, a lot, but all the fond memories from months of gathering resources and building have turned a bit sour. I wouldn’t want people to waste their time and resources on my behalf especially now that I’m not certain what could draw me back in. All is not lost, a lot of my resources are at my home, but I’ll need some time to swallow this pill.

Yep, that must be why I messed up, some of my beacons had a few weeks on top of my gleam club. The only reason I sometimes fueled them is one of the feats, basically, which of course I really regret now because otherwise this wouldn’t have happened. Or of course I could have just checked the actual GC timer… :sweat:

When I noticed all the expired beacons I was hoping people had managed to grab some of them (whether I would get them back or not), but unfortunately a lot of my builds were fairly remote and all the portals were down too, so from what I could bear to check it looks like it’s just been wiped away.

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That’s actually something i LIKE to do! Keep an eye out for my next post today… :wink:


I’m sorry to hear @Pfiffel

So sorry for your loss.

You have my sincerest condolences for the passing of your build, @Pfiffel.
Yeah, it’s usually something to say for the passing of a person, but it seemed fitting too.
Hope you can get back on the saddle to make something even greater with the new blocks.

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Been there done that. I lost about 20 million of gem value when I the patch came out that gave us the ability to remove al plots at once on a beacon. And forgetting about the cave storage

Here Pfiff, have a hug:

[~Huuuuuuuuug~] Missed ya!

I can pop in game quick and give you full perms on my main house from before launch and you may take ANYTHING you want off my shelves. Plenty of oortshards to get your portals back up too! And if you want more colors, I’ll give you full perms on my exo storage too in raxxa. Portal to raxxa is in my house. Help yourself friend!