Ice slide BIG POLL (need more voters :) )

hi guys moebs here so im making this poll to see what slides ya prefer

so before a bunch off updates we could slide faster slower and on flatparts off ice speed was regulated by adding or substracting sideblocks this afected the distance ya travel on flat parts off ice example off fun stuff we did

also we have a stadium where we slide down into pick up speed and slingshotted ourself into the air FUNFUNFUN now its abandoned like rio olympics

you only slide down on angled parts
you instantly stopped at bottom
and thats it :slight_smile:

heres the poll let ya voice be heard

  • oh devs are working on this to make better and ya have to wait moebs :slight_smile:
  • dont care

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This is the only slide I’d ever accept

idk where to find full video


damn should have contacted you to be an option :smile:


i just wanted to be popular so i clicked new, i’m all about the speed :kick_scooter::kick_scooter:

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euh before ya had speed now its slow
and same speed
before you could speedup

here is the long version of that slide vidio. skip to 1:10 if you just want to see the slide and yah! that’s the coolest slide ever!


YAY old slide
but that trampoline action is so amazing get that back into game now :slight_smile:
we need to test that before release for sure


hey @james sorry to bother you but i tryd a milion times
could ya make this post noted to the dev responsible for slides
all i want is dev explaining if it stays our might change and also
if other type off slide stuff is something for the future
at moment im starting a themepark but the stuff we can do for this kind off builds is very limited and its one off the things i would like the most to be in the game
somethng simple as a minecart our a monorail can open up a hole new world to boundless even something dumb as a ball to kick and trow

also the sliding on flat parts makes it lot more easyer to make a slide and ya dont need a ton off plots as ya do now

im feeling like you guys toned down the slide to fix damage on slopes and it feels like an easy way out off the problem ;(
if a child falls off a playground slide it hurts it knee crys and move on
no need to make the slide safe until it is no slide anymore

ps : @CosminNegoita clicked on new slide by accident
note : i know minecarts are not simple to inplementi in a game just a way off speaking

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I would have voted about 4 times if I could. Old! I had huge plans that came crashing down.

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@CosminNegoita can change his vote?

That is a crazy video from a time when the world was ruled by sentient dirt. I never knew that players used to look like that.

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that was a handsome piece of rectangular cuboid

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I dont know i made the poll just saying what i heard him say :slight_smile:

Personally i would prefer old slide too. I mean right now it’s even hard to move on ice let alone sliding. Also that kind of slide would give some sort of funny way to travel as an option even at short distances :slight_smile:

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Just started playing with the slides, built one for now, (want to make a series that people can race on), but have found it quite restricting, but am working round what i discover, just found i can angle trampolines which i thought i couldn’t so this cnanges things :-). No experience of the old system though as only started playing with the slides recently…

Screenshot of slide in septfron:


Also more speed would be good, or some boosting (acceleration) blocks…

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you used to speedup and adding blocks to the side regulated speed

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if any new players havent voted yet please do i will never stop asking for better slides :smile:

poll is closed get good newz

dev coment:
fyi, the next update to testing (or live, or both, I dont quite know) includes a lot of physics fixes and changes including ones that make slides way more fun to work with (stops you losing so much speed when you transition between ramps and flat areas of the slides)


That’s fantastic. I hope they add the bounce back in trampolines to. They are a bit pathetic. One tiny small little bump up. I mean I can jump higher lol.