Invitation to all to come start a new town @ Berlyn - Ynys Affallon

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I was inspired by @Karokendo, @Cookviper, @maplesyrup, and @the-moebius, to try and start something in Berlyn. Berlyn is a US-West server but there does not seem to be much activity. No trading hub like Aquatopia, eventhough there is New Berlyn and Black Light, but they felt more like a hub with buildings like what Pixel Gate once was. And, after talking to some new players on Berlyn, I thought there should be something like a trader or crafters place on Berlyn where people can come buy stuff or make stuff to sell to other players like what Aquatopia is. Since, I really have nothing to do after I built by Housetree, I thought why not start a place like Aquatopia on Berlyn. Make it a trading hub that welcome both new players and “old” players alike to come build there and form a community where everyone can help look out for each other and help each other out. So, here it is…

I have started a skeletal structure for the town with some roads already built. There is room to to expand as you can see in the picture.

The style of the town will be Arthurian/Avalonian Medieval setting. Think back to all the movies, and pictures you have seen of King Arthur, or Merlin, or Morgana Le Fay. I have provided a list of reference picture links and material list at the end of this post.

I am deliberately getting people to make smaller builds to make the town feel a little bit more squeezy, and feel like a medieval street.

There is a portal hub that will link to Black Light (waiting on @Rumplypigskin to get me the token) for now. I see no point in spending more shards to maintain extraneous portals at this point. When the town grows and people want connection elsewhere we can talk about donation/collecting more shards for elsewhere at a later date.

Please come, build, and make Ynys Affallon the Traders Hub for Berlyn. Coordinates are 1324N, 1327E, 65.

Kiosk rental :

  1. You don’t actually pay rent, just that you don’t own the beacon. The rent is you feeding the beacon; if you do not feed the beacon and it expires, the kiosk space and everything in it will be reclaimed by the beacon owner.
  2. You keep whatever footfall the beacon generates. Will fix a period where everyone can be around to collect the footfall. (like maybe on a monthly basis)
  3. You get all the build priviledges, but its only 1 plot and subjected to the same building material limitations.
  4. Kiosk spaces are limited, if your kiosk is empty for like a month, that space will be freed up and given to someone else on the waiting list; or if there is no waiting list the next person who asks for a space will be given that space.

Some notes on etiquette to make building a home here a pleasure.

  1. Display your beacon outside your building, this way others can help you feed the beacon if you have forgotten to.
  2. If you are going on a long break, or taking a vacation, display a sign outside saying so. This way your neighbors can help take care of your property by helping to keep a look out on your beacon fuel.
  3. If you are leaving the game, at the very least unplot and inform everyone that you are gone and give others the chance to reuse your build, or reuse your plot, or let the game reclaim the plot.

Material List (Please strictly adhere to the materials list)

Igneous stones (the purple ones only)
Metamorphic Stones (light grey type only)
Sedimentary Stone (beige color only)

Glass is allowed in reasonable numbers. Just bear in mind that it is medieval style
and no medieval houses has a whole wall of glass.

Wood (brown kind) and Stone (light grey or beige) shelving is allowed, no limit on numbers.

Doors and Trap Doors are allowed in reasonable numbers.

Lustrous Wood Trunk(Brown colored ones only, variation of brown is ok)
Ancient Wood Trunk (Brown colored ones only, variation of brown is ok, the one found on starter planets are kind of more yellowish, but its ok.)
Twisted Wood Trunk (Brown colored ones only, variation of brown is ok)

Lustrous Wood Timber (Brown colored ones only, variation of brown is ok)
Ancient Wood Timber (Brown colored ones only, variation of brown is ok)
Twisted Wood Timber ((Brown colored ones only, variation of brown is ok)

Silty Soil (Brown kind)
Peaty Soil (the yellowish brown kind)
Clay soil (the regular reddish kind you can find on starter worlds)
Gravel (light grey colored only, not available on starter worlds)

Compact Silt, Compact Peat, Compact Clay (only those that can be found
on starter planets and compacted)

Refined Metamorphic Stones, Refined Sedimentary Stones, Igneous stone Bricks, Decorative etamorphic Stones, and Decorative Sedimentory Stones, are allowed for decorative purpose if the total it is not more than 20% of your build.

Note : The use of higher processed stones (ie refined, Decorative, bricks, etc) and decorative stones, combined must not be more than 20% of your build, in total. NOT 20% per individual stone type, the combined total must not be more than 20% of your build. The basic idea is to make it look like only the very rich can afford such decorations, but no one is rich enough to afford the higher processed stones
for their housing needs. With exception to public buildings like the portal hub, shrines/churches/etc. Public buildings should stand out from the rest of the town.

Lustrous Wood Trunk/Timber (Red is allowed for decorative purposes only and subjected to the above 20% limitation.)
Red Twisted Wood Timber allowed only for roofing.

Foliage (only the green kind allowed, any variation of green is ok)
Other Colored Foliage (only allowed as decoration.
Ratio in relation to green Foliage is 1 colored foliage to 4 green foliage)
Flowers of all kinds are allowed.
Grass of color you can find on starter worlds is allowed
Red/Purple Verdant grass is allowed if used on about 20% of your grass coverage.

For use as lighting only :
Cream Gleam Lantern
Lantern (the one made from Torch)
Basic Torch
Blue gleam allowed to use ONLY as simulated water.(non refined)
(No gleam of any other kind is allowed where visible from the outside.
you can use as much gleam of any kind as you want in your underground hidden, as in out of plain sight, dungeons or underground rooms.)

Machines of all colors are allowed. (this includes spark plugs, crafting table, etc, but within reason, please.)

These rules do not apply to public buildings for the town. Public building like the portal hub, shrines/churches/etc. Public buildings should stand out from the rest of the town. Still, there should be no structures made out of gleam.

Picture reference Links

Avalon Architecture

LF community
  1. You can setup a spot for a portal to my place which is connected to Moebius plaza, Aquatopia, Portal Seekers, Chisel Town, and more (I’ll Maintain the portal from my side) Just get the portal token from your portal and message me so we can get it setup.

  1. Good idea I like how you want to build a city and got inspiration from the chisel town however going midevil again??


Yup… .with a little twist… King Arthur or Avalon style. I got someone making a Merlin Shrine there now. Although, I don’t know if he is going to call it that. I told him he can come build his Druid Shrine at the town. He loves digging underground to make shrines.

@Karokendo designed a building with a tree on it… it would fit in nicely here. But, whoever wants to build it needs to ask him for permission to use that design.


With regards to the portal

Lets wait a little longer b4 doing that… I definitely have the space… just need more residents first b4 doing that. Thank you for the offer.


Token is ready for you to pick up!


Thanks rumply i was gonna do that after work but now i don’t have to.


The link to Black Light is OPEN !!!


Which portal to use in Black Light to get to the new town of Ynys Affallon in Berlyn?
The answer is in the picture below.

Yes! the one on the left gets you there, and its the very first one as you climb up to the roof of The Maze.


Let the building being!



I would like a plot please :slight_smile:


I’m coming to visit!!!


if you want to build a building just pick a spot between any 2 stone/gravel blocks. I have them marked out but not plotted. Only the kiosk plots are plotted out because they are rent only. I didn’t want the kiosk plots abandoned at anytime.


Anytime you want, all are welcome to visit.


A growing Hamlet


Shop now open for business.


We now have a link to @the-moebius and @Hashmalash Munteen Hub up.


So I don’t know what to think of this… some guy named Onicage came to my town edge and did this (the crosses).

I don’t know if I should be mad at him or just laugh my heart out.


its an omen :smile: