Is anyone else sick of having to defend themselves whenever they post legitimate concerns?

I don’t know why, but for some reason some people here get super defensive about criticisms of the game. Just because I dislike a change or suggest a change doesn’t mean I think the devs did a bad job, or the game sucks, or I wish I hadn’t bought it. They aren’t all-seeing gods, they want our help.

Open and honest communication HELPS the game, it doesn’t hurt it. It’s one thing if I were to attack the devs and say they are trash or something like that, but merely offering criticism of the GAME isn’t an attack on the DEVS. If people are silenced by trolls, the devs lose this helpful feedback.

This isn’t an attack on anybody. Just a suggestion to post constructive criticism (why you disagree and what you suggest) rather than just attacking an idea, or worse, ad hominem attacking the poster. Also, try to be nice guys :blush:

Just my two coins.


I absolutely agree, and the toxicity has diverted me from having much of a presence on the forums. I read but very cautiously write.

Prime example has exposed itself recently:We used to be friendly with these guys. LunchLadyArms is one of our founders and was just updating photos of our recent progress and this is the first reply on a very positive thread at that.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

This community isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. People need to take off the blinders.

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As I recall James asked for suggestions. . so should we not be giving him what he asked for if we are not happy?

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I’m surprised isn’t a pole.


People love polls :blush: also I think they are helpful for the devs.

And don’t worry Munkey I’m not addressing this to you or anyone else specifically, it’s just a point that comes up. I know many, many oortians who refuse to post on forums because of flaming and trolls, and worst, flame trolls


This happened to me this week!

I’m fine with the attitude. As long as actual, useful information is flowing in two directions!

I just don’t ever give a rip how tight someone’s panties get over the web. So they got heated and posted some mean words. What’s it doing to me? Not a dang thing. Parse through it and see if there’s anything of substance in there and try to respond to that, otherwise my favorite thing is to just ignore those posters and only respond to those dealing with the topic at hand.

why is this hidden? it’s a valid point. This behavior is exactly what this article is about.


For a long time before I began posting on the forums, I used to casually read them here and there. And it didn’t take long to note the frequency of him sparring with other people. He also likes to use one of my favorite techniques, the Socratic Method, to lethal effect - posing a question that incriminates the person obligated to respond.

I’ve sometimes heard it suggested that children reflect the habits of their parents… Just food for thought.

The people that @DKPuncherello is talking about may not be typing right now, but don’t think for a moment that they’ve left the building.

Do not turn this into a witch hunt…

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Lol’d IRL at that one, Lord

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Yeah I don’t really see this going anywhere productive anytime soon.

Looks like the community decided your post was inappropriate. Leave it at that.
After viewing the comment, I’m inclined to agree.


“Sarcastic”, “snarky” and “snide” are all roughly synonymous, and none of them inherently pejorative. I wonder which one set off “the community”?

Or is it the subject of these adjectives that’s above reproach?

Also… Hi, Havok. I was waiting for someone to come in and moderate things here.

Seems the community is doing that just fine on it’s own.


Ok the first comment was IMO a legit point of view but was at least arguably flaggable, but why did the meme get flagged?

I am not sure who or what is being silenced, but an rebuttal to an Argument is not an attempt to silence. As far as I can tell there has been no censorship done on this forum yet to suppress non-toxic statements.

This is against the CoC and is reportable. Report it if you see it happening.

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