It’s time! DK’s Contest Series #2: DK/Trickyy/Jaidic’s Frozen Forest! Contest now ending late February

Contest will end late February to give people time what with the holiday messing up everybody’s ability to play boundless :wink:

So, now it’s time to build another tree! The frozen forest will be on the other side of the Fireborn Hunt Lodge! Currently the prize pool is 1.5 million thanks to the generosity of DownByTheShoreWithPauly and Jaidic (and me)

The theme this time will be a winter forest. Contest rules and prizes still being figured out, but it will be similar to last time. This time I’ll go with wood trunks vs non-wood trunks to make it easier for people to figure out their categories :slight_smile: (and for me to figure them out, lol)

Plots have been released! You can plot wherever you like for whatever kind of tree - if you want a nice flat spot please build over the lake; if you want terrain build on land.

Also please post if you want to participate but are short on plots, we can find someone to preserve your first tree so you can make a frozen tree!

We will be selling ice, glass and gleam (not set up yet) for your convenience.

More contests being planned! The next contest will be a nintendo character themed contest :slight_smile:


Sounds exciting!

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Yup! You didn’t do a tree last time did you?

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I missed the last round, But i would like to build a tree this time. Can I request a 3x3 area?

And Where can I find the portal?


You can find portals at either of my bases


Hmmm TIL it is very very expensive to build trees out of glass. So I will have to figure out some cool categories, but anything winter themed is welcome!

I may also add a mini contest for the original forest if people want to build more non-winter trees.

Started my tree. Let me know if i need to move it or anything…

Can I request 2x2 what side goes gleam trees

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Well i’ve claimed my spot for my Frozen forest, i’ll be sure to work on it soon :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s not a ton of land on the other side so I’d say just mixed placement wherever. If you want to build on an artificial flat area go for the lake area, we can landfill all that

I don’t see your plots @Mittins @DrCyanide
Frozen forest is on the east side of the hub
Follow the trail of spiders

If you go through an ice cave you’re in the right spot

Nice whitish grass on Kako-taku exo (accessible from delta c)

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So ill have to come and claim some more^^

It’s not white tho…it’s green & turquoise

Ah dang. Looked off white in screenies

It’s a bit in the forest somewhere to the right of the entrance to the winter forest, i can move it if you’d like :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha nah I found it ur good :blush:
It is gonna be winter themed somehow right? Lol

Yes, i chose that spot because of the landscape it’s given me an idea similar to my volcanic forest.

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Definitely go for it wherever you find terrain you like :blush:


Come build a fun winter tree!