Items Preview

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Worked for Noah’s Ark.


Quantum displacement sounds reasonable

Though I im persanbly quessing for it to be an Efficient Quiver


Lol, so like a bag of holding, but for archers?

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Basically yeah ^.^

(Or well you would surprise everyone and stuff completely unrelated things into it, I had a player using it to store alchymist fire, grenades and other weapons by some reason that wasn’t what his enemies was expecting to be hit by when he reached into the quiver :smiley: )


No i didn’t miss it. I’m talking about the overall looks of the items not the textures. Sorry i didn’t make it clear in my first post.

Yes, that’s what i was talking about. The items i listed before look too plain.

Here’s a new week’s worth of items :3

From left to right: Small, medium and large fossils, that you’ll find while digging up blocks. The multicoloured dust is an ‘extract’ produced by a machine, the claylike stuff next to it is a ‘mixture’ and the squarish block is a ‘compact’ material - these are all used in crafting as you feed raw materials into a machine and these intermediate materials are produced. Next is a bone that will drop from creatures when you kill them, some leaves that will drop from leaf blocks, and a tasty slab of meat(which isn’t quite finished; that’s what I’m working on today) that you’ll also get from creatures. All of these besides the fossils will come in various different colours depending on where you got them from.


Looks excellent!

So these will be the inventory icons and will appear in your hand when holding them right? Will they also appear as these icons when the item is dropped on the floor?

That’s the idea, yes :smile:


I like how models came out of this objects, also how they will be used in carfting and for what type of crasting. maybe the bones to get bone weapons or bone powder for doing some kind of medkits. however i like how this turned out

Wow, for being something so early, i really like these drawings :slight_smile:
i am very creative myself, i am starting to like the way Boundless is going more and more.
Keep up the good work and this might just be the game of the year when it releases :grinning:

Nice work! Really digging the skull fossil and bone models. Keep up the good work, I’ll add this one to the collection.

Ooooo look at those pretty shapes

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Small update since I have been working on some things that aren’t items this week! The final version of the meat(mm, tasty t-bone steak), a roll of paper, a roll of cloth, and a roll of leather, and… a nail, which looks kinda hilariously oversized but that’s the nature of icons; scale is immaterial.


They look awesome! And some new item info to boot! (mini-leak?) :smiley:

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They do look amazing, great work @jesshyland excited :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:

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I like that the t-bone is now more asymmetrical. Looks like a tasty fillet side now! :yum:

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looks nice :slight_smile:

can’t unsee


I guess you could try shaving with it … but it might take you a while to progress further in the game :wink: