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Hey y’all, thought I’d share what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks: items! These are various little bits and bobs that you will find while breaking various blocks, or create through/use in crafting, or use as currency, or… well, it’s quite a list.

I started by taking the list of items the designers have written up and drawing some concepts. I’m no concept-painting pro like Claudio so my concepts tend to be a bit scribbly and basic - it’s just an exercise to get down my ideas before I start the process of sculpting and texturing them. This is just a subset of the full item list: only the highest-priority items. So there will be many more to come later! Congratulations if you can read my handwriting, btw… I make notes for myself as I go along so it might not be readable to anyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

The process of sculpting, retopologising, baking and texturing takes me about a day per item, so this is what I’ve made so far(this is a screenshot from Maya):

Many of these items are tinted depending on exactly what they’re made of - the starberries, for example, come in several varieties so they could be blue or pink or yellow… whatever colour the designers decide they’d like. The stick will be whatever colour the wood you crafted it from was, and the little leaves on the sprouting grass seed will match the colour of the grass it will grow into. The ‘link’ you can see next to the starberries is your first glimpse of the currency of Boundless - metal coins that can be attached to each other to form a chain.

Hope you enjoy this preview of things to come! As I create more items on the list I’ll add them to this thread.


Idk why but im fixated wiht that oort cube


There’s a lot of fun goodies in here! I especially like the way the (rendered) raw gems look. And the Oort Cube is going to be amazing.

In your Maya screenshot, things look a bit too plasticy (especially the starberries & raw ore nuggets), I’m hoping that’s just an artifact of that environment?

Now that’s an awesome touch :slight_smile:


Maya’s viewport rendering doesn’t match up very closely with the game, especially on specular values. Everything I make has to be viewed ingame so I can tweak the texture to match my idea, so don’t worry too much about odd shiniess right now - I’ll get around to improving it later in the process.


I see fossils and I am happy :smiley:

A little nitty picky cogs need teeth that is at least as small as the holes or smaller else they wont work ^.^


That’s a good point! The cog design on my concept sheet is very vague as I’m not very practised at technical drawing - the finished model will hopefully make a bit more sense :smiley:


Heh, your “Mass” sketch reminds me of Algalon from WoW & all the starry items/models related to him:


“Cog NERD!” - I’ve been waiting years to say that.

(Total lie.)


It may or may not be a coincidence that killing Algalon was the highlight of my ten years of WoW-playing…


Killing Algalon in Hardmode 10 Player was real funny and makes me real fun, but he was not easy. I hope we get some titans who make so much fun to kill them like Algalon HM 10 Player. I love Hard Mode Bosses XD

But Back to the topic :wink:
the raw ore and coal looks pretty nice, the rest looks pretty cool too ^^ I hope we can see some items soon ingame. Not like the last month only Art Works all the time.


Also I have a hard time imagining how a square cog would work^^ looks boundless but doesn’t seem functional at all^^

Nonetheless, really good looking. Can’t wait to see them ingame!

These all look excellent! Nice work!

… and I can read about 95% of your hand-writing (maybe 100% if I zoom in!)

Looking forward to you not cleaning up after some discussion and testing, soon :smiley:

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Like that :smile:

Though scaling rotation output up and down is sadly not possible :frowning:


Do the Starberries stay crunchy–even in milk?

(Purely a US-only, older-human-type reference.)

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Holy ■■■■, MINDBLOWN! I didn’t expect that^^ I take everything back about functionality^^


This is exactly the video I watched when I drew that concept! I thought to myself, ‘would a square gear work?’ And apparently it does. Mesmerising stuff.


And I bet you, it’ll look 10 times as mesmerizing on an Oortian machine with the right effects^^


Wow, good job on those concepts. I’m a big fan of how the models look, too. They’re low poly/resolution, but still look really good. Nice job!

I’ll add both of these to the devlog collection now.

I’m so flashed right now… this diversity of items. I think of all the explorable combinations and new items and effects and machines and AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. God I will love this game so much when this content comes online…


Love these concepts and art style! Super exciting, great work :smiley: