Lag/rubber banding compensation

Hello, i’m totally understanding with all the bugs etc from playing an alpha test.

But can we please get some sort of bonus/reward/compensation for dealing with lag/rubberbanding?

We’re supposed to be testing game playability, mechanics balancing among other things. But I find myself losing so many tools due to lag/rubber banding.

I’ve died countless times falling down/off things due to lag flying me all over the place. Losing durability on items, on top of mining endless blocks losing durability on tools but not actually mining anything.

Can you carry out the tests in this post … Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!?

Also, as some additional testing you can do in game, please try turning down your display settings (draw distance etc) to the minimum and increase bit by bit to see if this is a factor as well.

Here you go:

Also I play with all the display settings on low/off except per-pixel lighting, gives me a framerate of 30ish.

I can deal with the rubber banding, i’m sure the servers will be able to handle a huge load by the time of release, i’m just saying it would be worth compensating us in-game for the time being. Can’t be too difficult to fix/monitor the durability lost due to ‘lagged’ hits and spawn me a new axe or turn off fall damage when packet loss is detected surely?

And here’s a video for you to enjoy :slight_smile: i could lose axes on this one block!

What manner of compensation would you find appropriate for this situation? How would compensation make the situation any less frustrating? Wouldn’t the man hours spent developing a way to accurately track and “compensate” players for their troubles (which they elected to endure by playing an Early Access game) be better spent looking for a solution to the problem in the first place?


Sure, makes sense. But having a frustrating time playing the game isn’t helping to test very well, neither is spending more resources then required.

Simple solution before the servers are improved would be to give us a few tools and food each day during the test…

I’m wondering if your upload speed is a factor in this. Will need to wait for the devs to come back to work tomorrow for more info though.

Although there are a few people still experiencing rubber banding, there aren’t as many by far as those who have no problems at all. If we’re all to get free food and tools, there will be no opportunity to perform any game balancing at the moment.

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I think you will find that this is far from a simple solution. There is no in-game mail or drop off system, no way to do this but to physically coordinate with each and every player when they are online, and manually meet up and trade with them.

I don’t mean to sound harsh by saying this, but I also don’t mind sounding harsh either;
You’re just going to have to tough it out a bit, or shelve the game a bit until a solution can be found.


Fair enough, just like to add my upload speed is not a cause for this.

The above test was at someone elses house, I get the same rubber banding at home on Virgin 200~ down 20~ up.

Will stick a speedtest on here when I’m at home.

I have a feeling therka is probably worse than the US servers

Latency issue comment here.

Please give this a try: Latency Issue - Update

This thread is a little confusing for me.

Can you confirm:

  1. The platform / OS you’re playing on.
  2. The performance of your home network.

It sounds like you’re having this problem at 2 different locations, so I’m assuming you’re playing on a laptop?

I’m mostly playing on a mac running OS X Yosemite. Yes also mostly playing on a laptop over a wireless connection (next to the access point).

Will add results from home next time i go through a patch of lag :slight_smile:

It’s intermittent but when it happens it usually lasts 5-20 minutes.

So here’s the outputs at home on wifi whilst in-game:

And another a few minutes later:

i’ve been getting rubber banding in boundless the last 10 minutes or so on and off.

Heres some stuff taken during a period of rubber banding:

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Thanks. Helpful.