Let’s talk races and clothes - and monetization

We all know monetization has to happen. I didn’t want to pollute the other thread.

I fully support new races and clothes being monetized. It’s a good way to support a game you love. I go out of my way to buy cosmetics in games that reject p2w.

It’s a role playing game. Literally the first thing anyone wants to do in a role playing game is play a role by decorating.

I have mixed feelings about monetized placeable objects and blocks etc.


Yea, on board with races and clothes.

Sometimes it makes a game look tacky, to see dinosaurs and teddy bears running around… but no one can deny that that kinda stuff is a moneymaker. So, it is a trade off. (in fact, i think we passed the tacky point with bubble straws and flashing glasses and such)… so other things like new or customizable avatars would be right in line and would be successful

I know at least one person who doesnt play the game because they have to be a “Rock Person”… kinda shallow, but if one person thinks it, others must as well i imagine. Adding Human heads, Horse faces… “Block people”… whatever, it would still all just be cosmetic either way, and I am on board with any cosmetic monetization.

Without opening old wounds… more things like the Gold Fist, and Wayfarer Totems, (or exclusive blocks) locked behind a pay-wall i think would not go over well.


Not an RPG right?

I think even the minimal “lore” says citizens know they were created, I doubt they would be afraid to gene mod.

And in sandbox terms, easy, inoffensive money.

Go Go Go!

An hour and nobody reposted these yet?

2016 stuff. It’s art for the old engine (they have clothes), but it was just art.

Lots of close-ups there. Jewelry in the concept art, 2015:

Lol maybe that’s a piercing there? Nah that’s a stud.

EDIT (in more ways than one):

More old silliness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah, if I could have a pet baby dragon, tacky or not, I’d pay for that :slight_smile:


I would SO pay real money for #20 and #21

At least currently we can be unique with color and headpieces so we don’t look like every other person that has chosen the same head shape.


I would totally go for the feline race. :heartpulse:

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Service stud, 100 years adeptus oortstartes.


U know what I would pay for:

You know those little “floaties” that pop up in the air every now and then… one looks like weird little caterpillars… or bacteria… I would pay for an Aura of that flowing from my avatar, or floating around me. And is perfectly in line with Lore-type things… as… maybe my home planet was one of those that has floaties??? and maybe… i am just INFUSED with them? :upside_down_face:


Storis II has those, I run through as if to try and catch them. :slight_smile: An aura of those would be gorgeous! But for those who like to live dangerously, I’ve noticed that Serpsarindi has fire floaties, imagine an aura or cloak of fire bubbles?

I think Spiral Knights had aura cosmetic slots or something, it was a while ago for me. Path of Exile also has them in some form. In any case, it would be cool to have some environmentally-based and elemental-based aura effects, as well as some other stuff that might look cool and be in keeping with the rest of the game aesthetics.


Team fortress 2 had special effect hats
I had some worth hundreds of dollars each. Pretty silly.

I had an epic hat collection. Then (I think, I still don’t know) someone I played against in league games hacked my account and got it VAC banned :confounded: I quit steam and hope to never return. Their appeal process is utter nonsense. I have no idea how I got that ban.