Light Source don't produce light as much as held light source

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I was building my shop in Aquatopia Mall, and I can’t figured it out why the entire shop is just so dark no matter how much lantern I placed.

Normal Lighting

Normal Lighting + 5 Lanterns. Notice the block on the shop stand only lighten up slightly even with 5 lanterns.

Normal Setup with 5 Lanterns + Held Light

Normal Lighting + Held Light Only

Sandwich Lantern. Noticed no matter how many lantern filled the place, the area around it just don’t lit up.

I don’t know much about lighting but I knew that since the lighting changes in Harvest Era, issues with the lighting is still ongoing according to: Lighting in Release 225 Status

In particular, #3 Shiny blocks no longer whiten the block colour and #4 Gleam lights the environment proportional to the gleam colour

Will this be address following the lighting work-to-do as stated by James above. Please advise.


This is currently the latest I’ve heard about this issue. It sounds like they’re at least aware it’s an issue, but no word afaik if it can be fixed.

edit: The above only affects meshes though, like the blocks on the shop stands, and the shop stands themselves I believe.