Lighting in Release 225 Status


Personally I like the lighting changes. Makes things more natural looking but I also incorporate darkness and shadows into builds. I don’t think they’re done messing around with lighting. They’re always trying to improve things in this game. Hopefully we get more options for the lighting in the future and not just want has been said that needs fixed.


I like this idea, but I think it might make it more accessible if the requirement to change these was removed from the transformation chisel and to just let it be adjusted with any spanner (or different tiers of spanner depending on the refined or lantern).

This makes it a thing that any player can change from very early on in the game.

Edit: that’s where that “wrong spanner type” message could be reused :joy:


well… i think you missed one thing - every light in real world whiten all the colors, even black, make it less whiten but dont make it absorb all light cos it dont work this way… black walls with black furniture now with light sources looks like covered in deep shadow, it absorb all light instead beeing lighen… we want black walls and black furniture being lighten by light and to be SEEN in light, we dont want to paint it with grey/dark grey titns to make it visible… its not the way to fix it


Seems more reasonable of a design.


Overall I think the visual upgrades appear to make the game look better. Water looks great for sure.

Pretty much all of shameless was built with black marble and white gleam lanterns. It was so bright because I spaced everything out when I built it and the shininess of the marble was gorgeous.

Someone above called it vantablack, that’s dead on. I don’t even know what the practical fix is.

Devs, if you want to see what a real dark build is that was previously very well lit, I invite you to tour shameless on grovidias te.


they are welcome to come visit hearth guard as well our shop stands went from works of biolumiscent art to dark boxes with wording you cant read, our bear statue and giant tree are like 20 shades darker to the point where it dosent even look good, and our buildings unless holding a lightsource are impossible to see where things are stored to craft.


Just had a random extra thought about this… this option does leave you future scope for adding some mechanic in that will allow you to turn lights on and off too.


Many will be willing to help you I am sure! I know I would


Why yes. There’s a really good chance I quit as well. These changes ruined my builds. Even the white gleam with white wicker is dimmed too much. I hate the majority of my builds now. No desire to spend just as many hours as I Did building it to my liking to “fix” it to a new standard. I’d rather regen everything and play something else


So again few players complain about stuff that i find funny as i liked changes and you deside to change the whole lighting.


Water imo looks worse on ps4. Looks great on pc tho.

But maybe I just feel that way since the gleam in my gleam farm is actually harder to see now then it was before


You know what…there is no pleasing with you guys. I am fed up with the damn right negativity from some of you.

Maybe instead you could help think about solutions?!


Do you have a screenshot? It looks super good on pc!


im not trying to be negative personally, I just didn’t appreciate having the lights turned off on the game I love, all im saying.


Unfortunately no. I’ll get on later and take a screenshot of the area I think looks worse and get @Ratchel to take one of the same area for comparison


I understand, you are having an emotional response to others emotional response (since it is undoubted everyone cares about the game).

Just remember the little empathy song:
“Empathy, empathy, put yourself in the place of me.”


For thos who enjoyed having a bright build, such a chisel will become mandatory, unfortunately.
To be honest, I’m just concerned about having that sort of tunning feature hidden behind the Centraforge. Way too many features already are. You tie new features like liquid-breaker to the Centraforge at every update, too.

I’d rather you guys worked on this suggestion first (or soon after) : CRAZY IDEA : Chisel pie-menu


I kind of would prefer a crafting solution, like raw gleam > refined gleam > gleam lantern, each brighter than the last. Maybe even something like compacted gleam that radiates much brighter than refined.

A chisel option would be fine, but would feel like a stopgap.


We’re on the opposite sides of this and that’s fine.

I just don’t think this is a reason to quit the game at all. IMO not a very valid one either.


Wow, good call there. Black in Boundless is now Vantablack.

If it’s technically feasible, I think the best solution would be to allow the newly proposed ability to adjust the brightness of gleam (using a transformation chisel/tool) also be applied to dark blocks too.

Let us choose if we want extreme black void (as it stands now) that absorbs all light like Vantablack, or allow us to revert to the previous shinier black colors.

This would make everyone happy and gives us more control. (Even help the economy with more demand for tools for tweaking things.)