Lighting in Release 225 Status


Me no longer liking any of the things I spent countless hours on building is not a good reason to quit? 1300+(Non afk) hours


I apologize for my outburst. Not really my style but when I see constructivism being torn down by self-pity…

I am in the same place all of you are…I too will need to rethink areas of my buildings…I have sympathy for those who show respect and are actually contributing to the best outcome for all.


In the end, I appreciate it but it is probably not worth it. It might be faster to store the good stuff and just let the rest regen. It was all built around blocks and lighting looking a certain way. That has changed and as I have said in many ways for the better. I think being outside is better. I can do less at night since I cannot see as well, but maybe that is to be expected. I think having blocks keep their original color when they are crafted (black stays black) is better. James has said the meshes will be tweaked and that will solve a lot of problems hopefully. So that just leaves the fact that I need a spreadsheet to pick out gleam in the future so I do not have to place and touch every block at least once to get the brightness I want. I can do that, but in the end I do not need a build I just need storage and a place for machines.


Ill message when home and take a screenshot to send you. let me know what areas to screenshot.


This is how it already is: Gleam = 100%, Refined Gleam = 150%, Gleam Lantern = 200% brightness.

Lighting Poll

Yes changing gleam brightness is would be very word. I also like how the text on signs really pops out now like it glows it looks really cool


The HUGE problem with this, is that it also applies to inside, underground, and all places where the natural lighting should have no effect at all, and the light something emits should not be influenced by whatever it is on the surface.

There is no concept of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ anymore (probably never was, but this update just makes it super clear), and adjusting the lighting inside a closed off room because it’s day on the outside is extremely unrealistic.


The difference isn’t very pronounced, TBH.
How about some Decorative Gleam, which would be like the Refined gleam without the cracks, and would light-up a place with a brigthness equal to what refined gleam used to before the update?


Thx didnt knew that.


TODO - explore the idea of using Transformation Chisels on Gleam to change their brightness

Love that idea! I was just thinking about it!:heart_eyes:


Love this idea! I would def use it. This would allow people that prefer a more muted, natural gleam light to have what they want, while allowing those that prefer a brighter gleam light to have what they want.


I think you might have missed this a bit.

He isn’t saying that inside will get darker during the day and lighter at night.

You are saying it is unrealistic, but what he is saying is in practice IRL. All the lighting I have within my home feels bright at night, but I can barely tell the lights are on during the day. The sun is much brighter then my lights in my IRL house. Sun coming in through the windows is much brighter then my lamps/home lighting.

They are saying they are mirroring that.

If you take a gleam block outside and put it down, it should be like turning on a lamp outside during the day. I mean, you can tell it is on…but it doesn’t do much.

But if you go back at night and turn that light on…then you can see it from far away and it lights up where it is put.

I think they echoed this well in the new system.

At night fields of gleam sparkle like lights turned on in a field at night.

During the day those same lights are muted because the sun is so bright they aren’t as noticeable just like IRL. You can see they are there, but it is hard to tell they are emitting light.

Again, sounds like they are going to offer a slider :wink: so should help with seeing inside for darker builds.

All love, just sharing.


Weirdly enough, I seem to only see people who are like “yeah for new chisel boon!” and I’m the only one being concerned by adding yet another boon to a chisel.

Fair enough, but if the devs go with it, they should do it so that, when holding such a forged chisel and looking at a block of gleam, there would be some text on screen to tell us what brightness setting we’re at. Otherwise it’s gonna become confusing.



The chisel already exists - so it wouldn’t be the a new boon. We would allow it to modify gleam whereas it currently doesn’t.

It was said with the intention of trying to help players.


Oh, well shut my mouth! time to do some experimentation!




Oh, I see! Thanks for the clarification.

Though my point about adding new boons still stands for the future. Something will have to be done at one point to simplify this.

@FireAngelDth want some Ben&Jerry’s to drown your sorrow?


@FireAngelDth What is the problem? Just kidding…that is kind of dark.

Just throwing this out there but would a ruby torch make it look better? Still in the color range you have. Not saying you want to add a torch…just asking what it would look like.


what kind of gleam is under there? Try swapping in some lanterns?


I love this idea! So many variations

Amazing to hear how much the devs have listened to everyone and come up with a plan so quickly too