Lighting in Release 225 Status


Only if it’s the lactose intolerant friendly kind.


Something else to remember…not saying this is everyone’s issue with lighting but…they did say they were going to correct how light filters through things like in this photo:

So if you chiseled it different than before it might not be letting the light through correctly.

Was this changed @james?


Think the ruby torch would be to bright of a red. And there’s really no place to put them. And I’m not a fan of the way torches look.

@Firehazurd unfortunately it’s Shadow Red which is by far my favorite red gleam. But now it no longer provides light. So now I have to choose a color that I don’t want just to accommodate for the lighting changes.


This was not changed. They chose not to change it. And I always did my chisel work the “proper” way anyhow.


@FireAngelDth I get what you are saying, but would it accommodate (not sure if correct use of word) the current colors you have back to close to what it was? Just thought I would ask to see how it came out. An experiment just to see.


Well that answers that question. I never saw an update to say they were not correcting the light filtering.


I’d tell you to wait a few weeks until the devs make a fix for all this. See if it makes things better for your situation.
I myself will do my best to ignore the light issues and try to progress on other things in the meantime.
If there’s nothing in the update that interests you, then go play another game for a while.
Ha ha, go check out Creativerse, it’s free to play. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was a comment somewhere in the farming update. Was never put in the notes since nothing changed.

And I really don’t want to turn boundless back on right now. I’ll check later.


Are storage blocks considered meshes? If so, they openly admit their broken and they will be fixed. Perhaps a little patience to let the devs address the problem before quitting?


I’ll probably go back to playing destiny 2 heavily again. Or pick up dragon quest builders 2. I know a few boundless people playing that right now. But hopefully we get options in the graphics menu to change stuff. I won’t spend countless hours tearing things apart just to hit gleam with with a chisel and put all my hard work back.


The gleam doesn’t give enough light off anymore anyway. And black will stay black now. And that’s not changing. Even tho that’s not how normal black stuff works.


It was not… Asked about it in a thread last week…


I do think this update got out prematurely. It needed at least a week or two to fix some obvious problems, which non-testing players should not have had to give feedback on, and which testing players gave feedback on.


I thought it wouldn’t be till late next week because of the things that should have still been tested etc.


Same! I was really surprised and worried when I saw the thread about the update being deployed.


@AeneaGames So many posts…guess I missed it.


The game should be beautiful. And “true colors” enough for me in real life.



@james . Since this was a feature I suggested 2 months ago with you on a call about a light level intensity adjustment, is there any way we can apply it to lanterns as well as previously discussed?

I think it would be a great QOL feature across the board to allow light intensity to be adjusted. It gives us the mood lighting as a few of us want for dungeons or stuff like that outside of COLOR.


I just have to say, that while I did love sunrises and sunsets in this area of this planet before, with all the pink and purple hues, the pink-begone update has done its job perfectly. I can say that this planet is, without a doubt, absolutely perfect now and do not change a deity cursed thing, please.



@aridhol wins the ]i[ “up next” prize for this content release… The reward is @havok and @SolFall will do 1 hour of grinding or cheerleading… We had a going bet that it would be about 2 days before someone asked a dev for the next set of content. Beat it by a whole 24 hours!

Mean this with love and fun! No offense meant.